Benefit Event Raises More Than $200,000

On Thursday, March 10, 2022, over 100 guests gathered in Palm Beach at the Palm Beach’s Tideline Resort Hotel to support Veteran Services USA breakthrough PTSD treatment for those suffering from the debilitating effects of trauma. The evening raised over $200,000 and was hosted by VSUSA co-founders Eddie Dovner, Charles Everhardt, and Cheri Kaufman.

“There are 7,300 suicides among veterans a year – these are heroes that fought to preserve our freedom, now VSUSA is helping to preserve theirs,” said Dovner in his welcome to the event. Kaufman noted, “For too long the nation’s defenders are cheered as they go into battle but become invisible on return. We’re here to give something back.”

Guests included Gustavo Novoa, Kara Ross, Cheri Kaufman and Bill Sclight, Sharon Bush and Bob Murray, Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas, Scott Norton, Capt. Richard Phillips, Gary Lieberthal (Head of Tri-Star USA), Steve Norris (Head of Carlyle Group), Pamela Newman, David Webb (Fox News), Lincoln Palsgrove, Maria and Kenneth Fishel, Judge Leslie Crocker Snyder, Pamela Morgan and Michael Trokel, Kim Renk Dryer, Geri Emmett, William Sclight, Paola and Arnie Rosenshein, Lauren Roberts, Janna Bullock and Kevin Richards, Jane and Chris Chase, and Kathy and Kevin Reilly. 

Known as Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM), the protocol has over a 90% cure rate and is administered without prescription medications.

Michael Zeigler was the night’s MC, a former special operations soldier, he had with him Captain Richard Philips, who was played by Tom Hanks on screen in the film Captain Philips directed by Paul Greengrass.  The night was full of admiration and support for our US soldiers with several former and current serving members in uniform including Col. (ret.) Fred Dibella.

CEO BG (ret.) Loree Sutton M.D. kicked off the night along with co-founder Eddie Dovner. Once the auction began the paddles raised were fast and furious and several guests walked away with marquee auction items among them 8 nights at a Bali Villa, a special cruise in Biscayne Bay and a visit to a Formula 1 pit during an upcoming race.

RTM treatment will roll out for US Veterans in a significant way this year, as VSUSA (501c3) continues their efforts to bring this treatment to those that need it most.

Photos by Annie Watt