Creating one-of-a-kind personalized sandals to reflect a woman’s individual style and personality.

Perfect Holiday gift: A Taste of Capri 

Their Story:

When Francesco Pasta, a native of Capri and artisan of custom handmade Caprese sandals, met his future bride Jessica, during a shopping excursion, he hadn’t a clue he would end up on Worth Avenue 15 years later! Jessica and her mother took a ferry from Naples to the island paradise. Shopping may have been in their mind- but love was in the air!

Falling in love with the sandals, led to long distance communication which eventually led to Jessica moving to Capri, then Francesco following her to Chicago where they created a mobile business and thankfully for us, culminating in Palm Beach! To read more about the romantic details visit the Shiny Sheet article published earlier this month,Perfect fit: Italian sandal shop brings touch of Capri to Worth Avenue”.

IMG_1692 2

“I was thrilled to discover Via Capri, 34 while strolling the avenue! I don’t need to wait to go to Capri in the summer to place my order,” says Marzia Precoda who has begun to spread the word among her friends.

FullSizeRender 12

Francesco Pasta, of Via Capri, 34, is an artisan of custom handmade Caprese sandals. Italian born and raised, he learned his craft in 2001 on the Island of Capri, Italy. This 100 year old tradition on Capri has captured the attention of travelers from around the world. Like sipping chilled limoncello made from the lemons of Capri to swimming in the Blue Grotto, authentic Caprese sandals are a staple when visiting this beautiful paradise in the Mediterranean.

Your Experience:

Worth Avenue is home to the first Via Capri, 34 store. The ambiance of this store was designed to give the sense of Capri from its attention to detail. As a designer and cobbler of custom handmade sandals for over 15 years, Francesco focused on the customer experience.

Via Capri, 34 is a symbol of precision and craftsmanship. Via Capri, 34 sandals are made with genuine Italian leather soles and adorned with the choice of a variety of pigmented leathers, Swarovski crystals snake skin and precious metals. Via Capri, 34 sandals are custom handmade to order giving each woman the opportunity to “design” a pair of sandals that reflects their individual style and personality.


From the decor, to the service and, most importantly, to the quality of your Via Capri, 34 sandals, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. Take a moment to explore the undeniable beauty of Capri and indulge in a memorable Caprese tradition.

Visiting the Store is a MUST for all of us with good taste and who appreciate quality. Remember to inquire about the Holiday Gift Card.


323 Worth Avenue, Via de Mario

Facebook: Via Capri, 34
Instagram: @viacapri34
Pinterest: Via Capri 34 Francesco Pasta
Twitter: @viacapri34 or call Jessica at 312.720.1789


Carmen Borja, purveyor of home linens to members of the Spanish Royal family and the elite society in Spain, will showcase their expansive and exquisite collection at Lori Jayne Monogramming located at 304 S. County Road, during a three-day trunk show, December 14th-16th. ‘Shop, Save and Give’ will be hosted by Susan Bardin, Annie Falk, Raysa Fanjul, Lillian Fanjul de Azqueta, Shelley Menin and Marzia Precoda, all of whom are representing one of the following charities:  The American Cancer Society, Catholic Charities, Children’s Home Society, Lighthouse ArtCenter and New Hope Charities. Five percent of proceeds from each purchase will be allocated to one of the five charities, at the purchaser’s discretion.

Carmen Borja

Representatives from Carmen Borja will fly in specifically to introduce their elegant collection of bed and table linens to Palm Beach, during a special discounted promotion for three days only.

“We have many clients from Palm Beach who buy from us at our stores in Spain.  We thought it was time to come to them and support their philanthropic efforts,” says Yolanda Pisa, General Manager of Carmen Borja.

In addition to the funds raised during the 3-day trunk show, representatives of the charities, will have the opportunity to choose a beautiful bed set of their choice to use at a future fundraising event for silent auction or raffle purposes.


Carmen Borja Trunk Show
December 14th-16th
@ Lori Jayne Monogramming

304 s. County Road



About Carmen Borja

Carmen Borja began as a family workshop in Spain specializing in luxury bed and table garments with handcrafted embroidery. The exclusive customer profile has included members of the Spanish royal family and the elite society in Spain. Now with over 40 years of experience in the market establishing an international presence in Europe, Latin America, Qatar and Mexico, Carmen Borja has become a leader in the industry with an uncompromising commitment to quality and use of the finest materials. We proudly work with world renown Interior Designers and professional decorators to add value as a source for high-end bedding and table garments.

All creative design and manufacturing are exclusive to Carmen Borja, which provides a unique value which is widely appreciated by our clients in the most prestigious of homes. Our products are created for our world-wide clientele who enjoy a discriminating taste for luxury that cannot be found in the standard markets. Our collection features the best Catalan piques and Swiss Batiste for bed linens. All our bed sheets are woven with cotton produced by Frette and Satenes de Siletty and our table garments are woven with the best linens from Holland and Luxemburg as well as Russian damascus.

Carmen Borja is excited to expand its commitment to quality of product as well as quality of clientele in the USA.

As part of Carmen Borja’s policy in engaging market and community growth, the company gives to the non-profit community that care for children as well the arts.

Loy Anderson, Kristina & Brad McPherson, Bettina Anderson, Kent Anderson

Loy Anderson, Kristina & Brad McPherson, Bettina Anderson, Kent Anderson

When you “Buy-In” to the Paradise Casino Palm Beach, you are betting on a night for the books. Elegant gowns, snazzy suits, and fancy cars will invade the Flagler Museum on Friday, November 27th, 2015. The who’s who of Palm Beach and New York patronize the growing event each year. As the Sun Sentinel put it last year,

“Truly unique and unlike any other party or fundraiser coming up this season.” 

The event is hosted by the founders of The Paradise Fund to raise funds for their philanthropic endeavors focused on children in desperate need. The event targets the new generation of young professionals in support of making an impact on the ongoing political, environmental, health, educational and social problems being faced by children around the world today.

What to expect:

-MORE gaming tables. Blackjack, craps, roulette… Use your winnings to purchase tickets which enters you into a raffle to win prizes that won’t disappoint. We are talking Tuscan Wine Experiences, a ONE-OF-A-KIND Salvatore Ferragamo handbag, and Fashion Week in Milan VIP Package for 2.
-Live music
-Exotic drinks

-Exquisite hour d’ouerves

Paradise Casino has been graciously sponsored by Inger Anderson, The Fanjul Family, Florida Crystals, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Rocco’s Tacos, Arvo Katajisto, Vivify, Brooks Bishop, James Held & Kenn Karakul, and Island Company.

Ticket Prices

$250 Regular “Buy-Ins”
Regular “buy-in” guests will join at 8pm and the gaming tables will be open.

$500 VIP tickets
VIP guests will enjoy a private VIP reception with The Paradise Fund team and event Sponsors from 7pm to 8pm.

Click Here to Buy-In

Twitter @TheParadiseFund
Instagram @TheParadiseFund

Click Here to view a video of Paradise Casino 2013…

Kendall Deflin & Butch Trucks of The Allman Brothers Band

Kendall Deflin & Butch Trucks of The Allman Brothers Band

By Eileen Louissaint, Altima Contributing Writer

Kendall Deflin is a familiar face among the younger Palm Beach crowd. A native of the island, she has grown up closely with some of the famous and distinguished names who some might experience a starstruck episode upon meeting. After a stint hostessing at Buccan and Imoto, two of the hottest restaurants on the island, she is now focused on pursuing a professional career in the music industry. So far this year, she has toured with Dead & Company featuring 3 original members of the Grateful Dead, John Mayer stepping in for Jerry Garcia, Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band) on bass, and Jeff Chimenti. She writes editorials, interviews rock legends, and participated in the fruition of a movie documentary. The best part is, she is just beginning. Before you dive into this interview, Kendall requests one thing: “Dare to eat a peach.”

“I first learned this phrase from the 1972 Allman Brothers record Eat A Peach when drummer Butch Trucks explained it to me….To “eat a peach” is to live your life fully, because you know what you are getting into when you take that first bite. It’s sweet, it’s sour, messy and gritty; it even gets stuck in your teeth, but by that you should not be bothered. You can always change your shirt.”

Altima: Describe yourself in 3 words.
Kendall: Positive, Motivating, Happy

Altima: What did you study in college? Why?
I majored in Communications, with a focus in rhetoric, and double-minored in English and Psychology. Education and learning have always been important to me. I am inspired to absorb as much knowledge and useful information as I can, and to find applications for such in everyday life.

During my academic career, I developed a philosophy: the life of a Raging Scholar. (Search the hashtag #ragingscholar on Instagram for more details. While you’re at it, check out #kendeeventures for a glimpse into the life of my-traveling-gypsy-self). The key to this mindset is that of balance. In maintaining a near 4.0 GPA throughout the later years of my university life, I was still able to escape on weekends and travel to faraway lands for hundreds of self-satisfying musical adventures. Concerts, music festivals, anywhere from Florida, New Orleans, New York, and even to Dominican Republic or Mexico; I traveled a LOT in college and it was all out of extreme passion. The majority of my time in between these epic adventures was spent in the 24-hour library on the campus of Florida Atlantic University. It was more of a home than my own bed, but I preferred the continuous stimulation over a dull mind any day. This resulted in my graduating at the top of my class with Summa Cum Laude, among other national honors and a very proud family.

Altima: What are you doing now? (You can get as detailed as you want)
I recently moved to NYC to work with a young band Lions On The Moon and manage the marketing and release of their self-titled debut album Lions On The Moon (now available on iTunes). The group features 12-year old guitar phenomenon Brandon Niederauer (“Taz”) who is now performing as a lead role in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s newest broadway production School Of Rock: The Musical. (The play debuts on December 5th at the Winter Garden Theatre.)

Kendall and Brandon Niederauer (“Taz”)

Kendall and Brandon Niederauer (“Taz”), Lions on the Moon

With my responsibilities to Brandon and Lions On The Moon lessening, I began my search for growth and was appreciative of the opportunity to expand my experience in the music industry with Live For Live Music. I am especially happy to be working alongside young, creative, like-minded individuals in the scene that have launched an entire brand of its own: to experience, love, and share music, all on our own time.

Live For Live Music is a lifestyle, a taste bucket if you will– covering media, marketing, promotion, management, and production. By no means is this another redundant 9-5 job; it’s an incredibly exciting, forever-changing, “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”, 24-hour kind of job. I live in the moment, and music drives my direction. Vroom vroom.

Since joining the L4LM team fairly recently, I have been writing editorials, conducting interviews, engaging in marketing strategies, promoting shows, and even participated in the fruition of a movie documentary about the new-age funk band Lettuce. I’ve attended 5 Dead & Company shows (with 3 original members of the Grateful Dead, John Mayer stepping in for Jerry Garcia, Oteil Burbridge (Allman Brothers Band) on bass, and Jeff Chimenti on keys). However my real dream came true when I interviewed two of the band’s current members: Oteil Burbridge and Jeff Chimenti.

(Important Note: People call me Penny Lane all the time because they don’t know any better. I want to clarify how insulting that is to me as a professional. Just because I am a female working/living amongst legends of Rock & Roll, does not mean that I am equivalent to the groupie that starred in an incredible film and lived a bad ass life. My intentions are far from the character’s, and you all should realize that by now. I still love you, though!).

Altima: Who has inspired you the most? How?
Walt Whitman really struck a chord with me when I was in college, thinking tirelessly about how to communicate my own personal philosophies. His poems artistically explained so many thoughts I had going on in my head at the time; I don’t think anyone could explain the universe any better. “Every moment of light and dark is a miracle” // “I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.” // “For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” //“The future is no more uncertain than the present.” // “When I give I give myself.” “And your very flesh shall be a great poem.”

Kendall at soundcheck for Dead & Co

Kendall at soundcheck for Dead & Co

Altima: Who is your favorite artist? (Musician, painter, sculptor, etc)
Albert Einstein. Einstein created an art, a science, out of what we would have all considered to be boring, meaningless, letters and numbers on a page. “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” It’s all relative, man.

Altima: What do you consider your proudest moment in life?
It’s about the journey, not the destination. It is my goal to be proud of every moment I have control over, so to choose one, defining experience to be most proud of seems wrongful to my personal philosophy. I make every decision with great intention, say every word with extreme thoughtfulness, and use all available power in my being to practice acceptance for whatever situation arises (for I know that is the way life is meant to be).

Altima: Where do you enjoy spending your weekends?
On the beach or at a music festival. I really miss the FAU Library, though.

Altima: Favorite cuisine and where to get it?
Anything Buccan or Imoto, seriously. Tuna and foie gras slider all day.

Altima: Go-to outfit for Happy Hour?
Jeans and a band tee, a ton of jewelry, and maybe a clunky heel. If I need to dress things up, I like to miss-match styles: I might wear a bright color Lilly-esque pattern with darker, grunge accessories, and some chunky boots. Classic Palm Beach meets IDGAF rebel: always a win, with an attitude that follows (shout-out to my alter ego Lola)!

Altima: What is the next vacation you plan to take?
Seriously, every day of my life is a vacation. But I work very hard to make that my reality.

Altima: Any pets?
I used to have a pet ecosystem full of baby shrimp. Then I dropped it.

Altima: What is your favorite store to shop at?
All of my best friends’ closets.

Altima: What is your favorite accessory?
The arm-band; I’ll never leave home without one.

Altima: Advice to young professionals who want to make their dreams happen?
“Dare to eat a peach.” I first learned this phrase from the 1972 Allman Brothers record “Eat A Peach” when drummer Butch Trucks explained it to me. Evidently Duane Allman had been reading a lot of T.S. Eliot before he passed away in a motorcycle accident, right before this album was completed. There is a line in Eliot’s poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” that goes: “Shall I part my hair behind?   Do I dare to eat a peach?”, telling of the times it takes to grow old, the realizations that consume you, and the beauty that exists all around. To “eat a peach” is to live your life fully, because you know what you are getting into when you take that first bite. It’s sweet, it’s sour, messy and gritty; it even gets stuck in your teeth, but by that you should not be bothered. You can always change your shirt.

If you “eat a peach for peace”, take big bites out of life, you’re going to get messy – we know. But to test one’s own limits, find out one’s own capabilities, freedoms and restrictions, one may find out just who they are or want to become. My advice goes on to say that you should do what you love (so long as it is with respect to yourself and the universe), and the rest will come later.


2015 is on track to be Florida’s hottest year on record. Naturally, we are keeping the spirit of summer alive while most of the world is sailing into the frost of winter. This week’s fashion highlight is Strong Boalt Menswear, the product of Palm Beach native, Amanda Boalt Coleman.

She designs are for “men who don’t take themselves too seriously but are seriously well dressed.”

Strong Boalt 2015 by Ben Fink Shapiro

Strong Boalt 2015 by Ben Fink Shapiro

The men’s collection boasts vibrant colors and whimsical yet classic aesthetics. Her inspirations are in part attributed to her family as she is the granddaughter of Enrique Rousseau, who was married to the renowned designer Lilly Pulitzer. Boalt’s early career included a position as a buyer for Ralph Lauren, which she says continues to inspire the timeless look of the menswear.

You won’t find Strong Boalt in any of the mainstream venues of the fashion industry. The men’s collection is concentrated on beautiful destinations, resorts, clubs and golf shops around the world. Click Here to find a boutique near you.

Strong Boalt 2015 by Ben Fink Shapiro

Strong Boalt 2015 by Ben Fink Shapiro


Studio 1696 will host a Strong Boalt Pop-Up Trunk show from December 15th -24th (10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.). The collection will be alongside other local and international designers such as:

Whitney Baldwin – Jewelry
Wyatt Ingraham – Menswear Fashion
Caryna Nina – Tunics
Denis LaMarsh – Imported Furniture
Montecristi Hats by Yovanny – Panama Hats
Rory Mackay – Stationary
Clem Penrose – Fine Art

Studio 1696 | 1696 Old Okeechobee Rd, West Palm Beach
Contact or 561-833-8283 for more information.

2015 American Cancer Society Rock Palm Beach Gala Co-Chairs, Lori Stoll and Shelley Menin

2015 American Cancer Society Rock Palm Beach Gala Co-Chairs, Lori Stoll and Shelley Menin

The 2016 American Cancer Society Annual Palm Beach Gala will celebrate 58 years of being blessed with faithful and generous patrons who will help make Rock Palm Beach one of the social scene’s “must attend” events!

Honorary Chairman Patrick Park, Co-Chairmen Lori Stoll and Shelley Menin, Vice Chairman Kitty Silverstein along with Junior Chairman Jesse Stoll have very exciting things in store and can’t wait to showcase an even bigger event than last year’s! The affair will feature fabulous food and great music provided by an All-Star band and special, surprise musical guests!

The American Cancer Society, whose mission is to create a world with less cancer and celebrate more birthdays each year, has been fighting cancer for over a century, has been at the forefront of every major cancer breakthrough and boasts having funded 47 Nobel Prize winners since 1946.

Has cancer invaded the life of someone close to you – a family member, friend or neighbor? If you’re ready to join the fight against cancer, save the date and plan to attend this year’s event on Friday, February 5, 2016 at The Mar-a-Lago Club.

 If you would like to be part of this evening making a difference, please contact or

call Michelle at 561 655 3449

2016 American Cancer Society Annual Palm Beach Gala
February 5th, 2016
at The Mar-a-Lago Club

Honorary Chairman:
Patrick Park

Lori Stoll & Shelley Menin

Kitty Silverstein

Junior Chairman:
Jesse Stoll

View More:

Click here to visit the Official American Cancer Society Island of Palm Beach Unit event page.

View More:\IMG_0846


The Altima team is so proud once again to exclusively represent Patrick McMullan in South Florida!  THE renowned National Celebrity and Social photographer will be spending more time this season, and will be available to cover key events.  Altima and Meat Market Palm Beach VIPs as Palm Beach welcomes Patrick’s return during a special late night Happy Hour  on Wednesday, November 25th! Patrick will be there for dinner, and as in ‘true Patrick style’, he will be taking pictures of late night happy hour attendees enjoying tunes selected by  DJ Adam Lipson and complimentary Happy Hour priced drinks! Should prove to be a memorable evening with Patrick cataloging the highlights!

Attendance is limited, so please reserve your spot for Late-Night Happy Hour by clicking on image below or click here.

For information on how to book Patrick for your next event– private, family or charitable– please contact Maribel or call 561 833 8283


By Eileen Louissaint, Altima Contributing Writer

What was your greatest experience as a child? Was it a vacation your parents took you on? Maybe it was when you met your lifelong friend during recess? Did you have a teacher who inspired you to become what you are today? I am sure you have shared endless childhood stories with your children. It is time for your them to start making memories of their own…

Institut Le Rosey is known for bringing excellence in education and life experiences for the past 135 years. Does a 2-week Winter Camp filled with the breath-taking natural beauty of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, endless indoor and outdoor adventures and a group of inspiring mentors sound like a blast to you? Sorry parents, but we are talking to the kids! (You are invited to live vicariously through them, of course.)

A Rosean is an active, curious and ambitious individual with the motivation to follow a holistic education.

Institut Le Rosey

Institut Le Rosey

The exclusive camp only accepts 50 students and focuses in the development of self-confidence.   The program which is made up of sports, activities, workshops and excursions, will be led by a team of 7 counselors who have been with Le Rosey and the Rosey Summer Camps for at least 5 years. There is a Camp Director, a Head of Excursions, a Head of Sports, a Head of Boarding, a Nurse, an Arts teacher, Public Speaking teacher and 5 more supporting teachers who are there to ensure your child makes the most out of this experience!

Interested in this opportunity for your child? Contact or 561-833-8283


WIMCO | Beach House Cosmos

WIMCO | Beach House Cosmos

The island of St Barths is one of our favorite winter retreats. Here is an update on some of the latest happenings on the island…

New Restaurants
St Barths is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. With over 60 restaurants packed into its compact 8 miles, you’ll have no difficulty finding new and exciting places to try out every day. Long time favs like Maya’s, the Hideaway, Sante Fe, Do Brazil and La Gloriette all have their fans. Here is a quick take on two newcomers.

25 Quarter: The pop art inspired bar opened up in the space formerly occupied by Monbarth in Gustavia, and the year before that by Rhum St Barth. It advertises exciting “street food” like finger food tacos and sliders.

Carpe Diem: A bit of Italy has been found its way to the La Pointe area of Gustavia, in the space formerly occupied by Le Ti Zouk. This is a simple restaurant with Italian dishes like beef carpaccio , burratina with sausages, and zucchini soup for starters. For main courses, several varieties of pasta, with different sauces, and the ability to choose the portion size. A good value.

25 Quarter

25 Quarter | Gustavia, St Barths

Best times to go
New Year: Think multi-course dinners, champagne toasts, moonlight on the calm ocean, fireworks over the harbor in Gustavia, parties on the yachts tied up to the quai, live music in the streets and in many restaurants, a moveable feast for the eyes and senses.

Carnaval: Feb 9, 2016. An intimate fun version of Mardi Gras

Bucket Regatta: March 17-20, 2016. See some of the most elegant and impressive large sailing boats (100+’ in length) in the world compete for the celebrated Bucket cup.

Les Voiles de St Barths Regatta: April 11-16

St Barts Villa

Where to stay
St Barths has several top notch hotels, and for those of you visiting St Barths for the first time, that may fit your comfort zone. Repeat visitors to the island quickly figure out that the island’s private villas can offer more space, privacy and value than a comparable number of hotel rooms. If you are game to try a villa rental, we recommend that you contact WIMCO Villas, a company we have used for several of our vacations. Their reservations office in the US will help guide you to a villa that best suites your needs, and then their on-island concierge team will take care of your every need during your vacation.

Reservations: info@wimco.comor 401-849-8012

WIMCO has some excellent villas still available for New Years week, call for details.
Links to a sampling of villas is included below:

5+ bedroom villas
$89,950/week – *10 night min
$80,000/week – *7 night min.

3 & 4 bedroom villas
$39,500/week – *10 night min

1 & 2 bedroom villas
$21,620/week – *10 night min.
$7,000/week – *12 night min.


Studio 1696 | 1696 Old Okeechobee Rd, West Palm Beach

By Eileen Louissaint, Altima Contributing Writer

We have already featured Studio 1696 on our blog, but as season gets closer we want to make sure that you all are keeping up with the excitement that is to come at the warehouse retail store. When you walk inside, you will notice A LOT. Colors, patterns, precious stones, textiles and textures from around the globe. The international collection of world travelers Lars Bolander and Nadine Kalachnikoff practically comes to life at their visionary spot in West Palm Beach. From December through April, the dynamic couple will host a series of pop-up shops featuring some of our favorite local artists and designers. Wyatt Koch (Remember our profile where he announced his upcoming fashion line?), Rory Mackay (His stationary collection was just featured in the Oprah Magazine), and Caryna Nina are just some of the artisans who will be featured in the shops.

Follow Studio 1696 on Facebook to make sure you know who will be there and when!

Preview Party December 1st
Pop-Up Shops December 2nd -14th
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Clem Penrose – Fine Art
Pat McInerney – Jewelry
Rory MacKay – Stationary
Jenny Garrigues – Accessories

Preview Party December 14th
Pop-Up Shops December 15th -24th
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Whitney Baldwin – Jewelry
Wyatt Ingraham – Menswear Fashion
Caryna Nina – Tunics
Denis LaMarsh – Imported Furniture
Montecristi Hats by Yovanny – Panama Hats
Rory Mackay – Stationary
Clem Penrose – Fine Art

Strong Boalt Menswear – Menswear by Amanda Boalt