On July 31st, the who’s who of collectors, art patrons and social luminaries attended the opening of two celebrated artists’ exhibit at MM Fine Art:  A photography exhibition of the work of Christophe von Hohenberg, celebrating the release his new book, The White Album of the Hamptons and an exhibition of recent collages by Bruce Helander. Among the 120 guests who came to support the two artists were Warhol muse and collector Jane Holzer, Dan Rizzie, Nick Korniloff and Pamela Cohen, Anthony Haden-Guest, Henry Buhl, Melinda Trucks, Pamela O’Connor, Jean Shafiroff and  Dr. Jane Recant to name a few.

Small sample of fabulous photos taken by Patrick Mcmullan.

To purchase high res images go to https://www.patrickmcmullan.com/events/6107012dfdffca2abd000001/