MILLER TIME at Le Bilboquet:

Lewis Miller Transforms Le Bilboquet’s Private Dining

Famed event planner and haute florist, Lewis Miller, is now—like so many—dividing his time between New York and Palm Beach. “Who doesn’t want to be in Palm Beach?” says Miller. “Especially with this gorgeous weather and so many of my clients spending part of the year here.” This season in Palm Beach, he has created towering masterpieces and bespoke events, including one such intimate dinner for Ross Meltzer, at Le Bilboquet’s private dining room. “I chose a scheme of black, white and green with hints of yellow. My goal was to create something both inspired by New York City and also by Palm Beach. Thin, birch plywood sheets stained in black represented the asphalt streets of Manhattan,” says Miller. He included many palm fronds and folding screens covered with foliage to represent the Palm Beach hedges. The lushness was Miller’s way of bringing the famed courtyard garden that Bilboquet’s known for, into the VIP room upstairs.

Miller has not only brought his talents to the sub-tropics, but he’s taken his famed ‘street art,’ which he’s called Flower Flash, these larger-than-life, spontaneous arrangements composed in public spaces, to West Palm Beach. We’re lucky to have him—either North or South.

Photo Credit:  Nick Mele Photography