Worth Avenue’s New Via Bice

By Michelle Jaminet

Via Bice

European Charm in the Heart of Palm Beach

The heavily anticipated Via Bice renovation and redesign Phase I completion was revealed earlier this season to a warm and most-welcome public reception. While the project is nearly complete, the rustic design with an old-world setting is already reminiscent of the Mediterranean coasts of Spain and Italy.  A fabulously talented  acoustic guitar player Wednesdays through Saturdays 12 to 4 pm completes the ambiance!

Smith Architectural Group is the firm responsible for the redesign from top to bottom: From the rooftop-level pergola, which spans the widths of the buildings and allows the sun to peak through to the courtyard, to the geometric pattern floor tile typically found in Lisbon, the Via is like a trip to Capri! Further, indicative of the Mediterranean influence, the second story offices in the east building feature beautiful, wrought iron appointed balconies overlooking the potted plant-lined Via.

Bice Ristorante  remains a popular mainstay among bougainvillea-laden trellises on the north Peruvian Avenue main entrance. Rest assured that the original 1980’s design by the late Palm Beach architect Gene Lawrence is a vital imprint. Visitors entering the Via’s south entrance from Worth Avenue still stroll beneath the archway, which frames an imported obelisk fountain anchored by four Royal Palm trees.

In addition to Bice Ristorante, visitors will encounter Taglialatella GalleriesGil Walsh Interiors and boutiques Coastal Girls Co.Eye of the NeedleFrances Valentine, J’da Palm Beach, and MAAC London.

The Palm Beach Architectural Committee-approved renovation took approximately two years to achieve and remains an ongoing project with Phase II. Look for additional foliage and flora, expected in a fall reveal.  It too, will be worth the wait!

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Via Bice will be safely celebrating its Grand Opening during a three day affair.  Stay tuned!