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Sartorial tradition dictates; “No white before Memorial / after Labour Day.”  Many Americans honor this fashion formality as they curate their closets and piece together their yearly ensembles.  One thing is for sure; they don’t live here!

I get it. Lifelong beliefs are hard to reframe. In honor of those who have recently made the Palm Beaches home, let me offer some styling strategies and suggestions for the  white-jean-season.  

white jean Sumer style

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Good Jeans

A fabulous white jean is a chameleon in your closet; so variable in its compliance with a wide variety of style scenarios, the properly put-together white denim ensemble is invariable in its message to the world:  “I am confident. I am cool. I am collected.”

I am personally experiencing a significant “moment” with white denim. Be it a jean with a tapered leg or a wide one, I find myself really drawn to the ease with which this seemingly “tailored” silhouette looks polished and put-together.

If there is not at least one pair of white jeans in your closet that makes you smile, it’s time to make that happen. The perfect jean is specific to each person. 

To help you get started, check out what the experts at Harper’s Bazaar have to say in this straightforward, informative white-denim rundown and roundup; Best White Jeans for Women to Shop this Summer . If you still aren’t feeling motivated enough to get to it, keep reading for my white jean summer fashion reveals, rules, and recs for some inspiration!

#1 More White & a Pop of Color

If you read  What to Wear this Summer from my last post, you are apprised of my love affair with monochromatic looks, especially when the color is white. Ergo my first white denim styling pick; a white (slightly oversized) button-down. 

It can be a tank, tee, tunic or whatever your preferred top style may be: if it is white and fits well, chances are, it works!

Likewise, the pop of color can take the form of pretty much any accessory your mood dictates on any given day, making a monochromatic white jean look as easy to throw together as it gets.

Some ideas? A silk scarf holding back your hair, through your belt loops, or even around your wrist; a bright tote bag; stunning statement sandals like these exquisite Canfora Yuma Sandals from Via Coquina; a fabulous hat wrapped in bright hues. Slide through for a visual version of this list (and easy access to everything on it).

white denim pop color

#2 Black (or navy) & Espadrilles

White jeans, a solid black or navy tee, espadrilles, and a simple structured midsize leather handbag. Easy styling!

What can I say about the Espadrille?  With its coastal vibe and comfortable feel, it was only a matter of time before this European summer staple achieved the same status stateside. I am elated to see such a variety of espadrille styles and colors coming out of couture fashion houses and high street brands alike!  Simple, uncomplicated, pristine.  May my summer look as good as my outfit.


#3 Va-va-Volume

Volume, dimension, and length are having a moment! And I am delighted with the fun, fresh and feminine effect puffy sleeves and ruffled necklines add when paired with the most basic closet staples, including our white denim.

From beachside boho to evening-affair elegant, these dramatic details make a fabulous statement no matter the summer situation you walk into.

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