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Polo, has long been a preferred pastime for Palm Beachers, and nowhere does the dress code: Sunday Best bring together such a melange of magnificence than for the prestigious sport that is Polo!

Polo has been at the center of high society’s social calendars for centuries, bringing together the beau monde for elaborate events that include not just simply spectating, but fabulous fashion.

While there is no official dress code for the National Polo Club, there is an unspoken and understood etiquette surrounding match-appropriate attire, regardless of the club policy. This is, after all, the sport of kings.

A note on practicality: ladies should avoid heels, particularly stilettos, that sink into the turf . Opt for flats or wedges and remember to consider whether or not you will be taking part in the traditional divot stomp when choosing your fashionable footwear!

What to Wear: Polo

Cool & Cavalier

Pair your go-to jeans or cropped khakis with a simple tee under a bouclée or boyfriend blazer. Leave it loose and laissez-faire with boyfriend trousers and a relaxed blouse or cami. Add a little je ne sais quoi to your ensemble with a statement accessory such as a silk scarf around your neck, a chunky gold link bracelet, a strand of pearls, or a broach.

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What to Wear: Polo

Feminine & Flowy

Palm Beach’s polo season spans from January to April, but in south Florida, summer silhouettes and fresh flowing fabrics are in no matter the season.

Stick to subtle prints or solid colors for more sophistication.

Check out Altima’s November Maxi / Midi Skirt Edit for further polo-perfect feminine and flowy fashion inspiration.

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What to Wear: Polo


Whether your preferred prep is an Oxford shirt collar peaking out of a cable knit cashmere crewneck ( Palm Beach prep ) or a tweed blazer and riding boots (English equestrian – prep), you are guaranteed to look polo-perfect in either of these lovely Ralph Lauren-esque looks.

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What to Wear: Polo

Timeless & Traditional

All white (or ish).

Like many polo traditions, the white pants worn by polo players, known as jodhpurs, can be traced back to India, where the high temperatures made “white and light” essential attire for the 1800’s British nobility and army officers who were stationed there and played the sport. During that time, in most areas of the world, wearing white was a status symbol suggestive of the resources one possessed to wear such a light color without a worry. Namely, hired help and significant wardrobe options for dinner and the following day’s dress. Wearing white was just as relevant for the elite members of society who attended the matches as it was for the players.

Polo loves tradition, and a monochromatic white ensemble is always a winner on and off the field! 


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Alexis Posada TeStrake @MichtobyAlexis

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What to Wear to Polo. From COOL GIRL CAVALIER to FEMININE & FLOWY to PICK YOUR PREP (Palm Beach prep or equestrian prep), This edit has all the style info and “get the look” details you need for a polo-perfect style situation!