When It’s Always Summer, You Need My Triple-Play

By: Alexis Posada TeStrake

three year-round essentials

Three Year-Long Essentials for Palm Beachers

In Palm Beach, there’s no need to switch out tank tops for trench coats or bring in the outdoor furniture. Temperatures don’t fall far, leaves (or palm fronds) stay green and the sun always shows up. Check out my personal favorites for living in eternal summer.


Shade matters

Sunglasses are a frontline feature and have as much significance to style as they do to sight.

There is no on-style-fits-all formula for frames,  so let me introduce you to an exquisite artisan eyewear brand that can best be described as next-level luxury.

L.G.R. Eyewear

Timeless elegance created with an old-world commitment to quality and craftmanship has made L.G.R the preferred sunglass brand for European society’s most distinguished

and discerning. It was only a matter of time before they made their way to Worth Avenue and Via Coquina has given L.G.R’s  Reunion Bold Sun collection a place to call home.


Whether driven by a desire to stay healthy, wrinkle-free, or a little of both, daily sunscreen use is the universal recommendation no matter where you live. In Palm Beach, it’s a daily dose!

I am a “less is more type.” Skincare needs to be uncomplicated and over in as few steps as possible, which is why I’m in love with ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint with SPF 40. It’s the first multi-functional skin /beauty product that rivals the best-individualized products in both skin perfecting and sun protecting.

Reapplication really does matter-Sun protectant reapplication is as critical to any and

all skincare goals as it is overlooked. When was the last time you reapplied your sunscreen even once after leaving the house? I never did. That is until I discovered that I could simply dust it on. No hand-to-skin contact, no residue, and as a bonus, this sunscreen does double duty as a setting powder.


Be it an intimate wine and whine session with my BFF, a larger scale poolside bbq, or my beloved sit-down Christmas Eve dinner for forty, if it is happening at Casa TeStrake, it is an outdoor event. 

Outdoor Living Fundamentals

Comfort: Reading, writing, zoom appointments, playing games, meditating, and even napping are just some of the things we enjoy, thanks to the comfort of our outdoor seating situation and the shade under which it lives.  Crate & Barrel’s Lounge II outdoor sofa is the most relaxing outdoor couch. And you simply are not living your best.

#Floridalife if your outdoor space does not include a collective shaded area. We had a poolside pergola built and we love it, but even an awning or large umbrella can do wonders for carving out a cool and comfortable space! 

Durable (unbreakable) serverware? Yes, please. Who wants to deal with poolside glass or, even worse, in-the-pool-glass. This is a category which Home Goods (my happy place) covers quite competently, but for those who prefer to do their shopping online, I recommend Wayfair.  Their inventory is extensive and arrives at your door in days.

Outdoor storage – Outdoor storage is a game-changer when it comes to keeping your space looking clean & clutter-free, not to mention preventing your outdoor items from premature wear and tear. My Keter deck box, which is going on year 4 and still in perfect condition, is where I store my fabulous flotsam. Keter is available at several retailers, but to explore their full variety, head straight to the Keter website.

Music– Every space is better with music, especially outdoor living spaces. From built-in systems to portable speakers, the options are endless, making this a simple way to significantly spruce up your space. We have the Oontz Angle 3 Shower Plus Edition  (waterproof) and love its compact size and considerable acoustics. 

Games– Absolutely essential at Casa TeStrake. Most of our board games actually live inside, but I come from a diehard brood of backgammon aficionados and have a designated outdoor board because I am ALWAYS up for a tournament (and maybe because I couldn’t resist this tropical print backgammon board)? 

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  1. Isabelle
    Isabelle says:

    I love this, great recommendations! I’m all about that comfortable outdoor style – those couches are the dreamiest.

    I would love to see a post on fall dresses for occasions in Florida especially for a beach wedding !

  2. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    This really hit a home run for me! This triple play is absolutely perfection! As I prepare to move into my home I will definitely refer back to this! I’m most excited about getting my outdoor living space together and you gave me some great ideas! That game board!!!! Love it! Can’t wait to hear what’s next!! ~Tiff K


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