By: Alexis Posada TeStrake

#1 A Wardrobe White Board

The Scenario:

The pants are perfect, but after trying on four tops, you realize the look requires a specific style you do not own. Ugh!

Outfit change …

Okay, the ensemble you have put together is exquisite, and you have time to spare. Now, the shoes. Where are the shoes? Suddenly you remember that you lent them to your sister, who has yet to return them.

Outfit change …

You pull out the beautiful, pleated skirt you bought for a specific event but never wore because the shirt you had planned to coordinate it with it was (too long, too loose, too … fill in the blank!). How did you completely forget this when you were at the mall last week?

Outfit change …

We have all had these moments.

Enter the wardrobe whiteboard, a go-to guide for work smarter not harder shopping, a better wardrobing experience, and your most fabulous foot forward!

I love these adhesive whiteboard sheets from Amazon

#2 Total Transparency

You cannot style what you cannot see.

While an organized and uncluttered closet is essential, a system that conceals any item of clothing is inefficient. Here’s the Cliff Notes to Marie Kondo:

Use clear bins like these to store items that are out of reach

Roll items in drawers so that you see everything at a glance without rummaging through folded stacks.


The original closet organization system–clothing grouped by category– is not the only way. It is time for a new fashion filing system that considers not only that a clothing category no longer defines an entire dress code situation, but also that women have more roles and moments to dress for than ever before.

Whether you have a walk-in wardrobing space, share a closet, or have your clothing divided among a few, there is a way to make this work for you.

STEP #1 – List your getting dressed situations in descending order from Every Day to Rare Occasion. These are your MAIN CATEGORIES.

An Example for the Palm Beach Professional working 9-5

Work – Your daily basics

Weekend – Linens, casual sundresses, sandals

Daytime Dressy- Think Graduation Celebration or Polo

Casual Night Out – Date Night/ Girls’ Night Out

Cocktail to Black-Tie- Those Special Outfits

Travel- Clothes that can withstand flight and time changes with no wrinkle in time 


*When an item of clothing fits in more than one category, it is lives with the most frequently used category

*You may or may not edit and update seasonally depending on clothing / space ratio)

STEP# 2 – Hire a Professional

Shameless plug:  Years of retail management experience in fashion turned into a boutique business of closet organization. Sometimes you need a professional to stitch all the garment pieces together and set you up for organizational nirvana.  At your service:

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