The Iconic Silk Scarf 

silk scarf

In an industry driven by trends, few things retain relevance beyond a season.

And then there is the silk scarf. An accessory that has not just endured, but done so with the repeat designation of “iconic.”

Timeless and transformable, through the ages, the silk scarf has adorned the heads, necks, and at one point even the broken arm* of the beau monde‘s best dressed.

*Grace Kelly, by then Princess of Monaco, famously used her Hermes scarf as a sling-(pictured in slideshow )

“When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman. A beautiful woman.” -Audrey Hepburn

Today, the silk scarf maintains style staple status among the world’s best-dressed celebrities, A-listers, and dignitaries. Still, it is vastly underestimated, undervalued, and underused outside that realm. Not here and not us! Keep scrolling for some silk-scarf stylespiration, and let this accessory enhance and elevate your style this season!

The Silk Scarf

as a NeckScarf

No matter your personal style, the time of year, or even the occasion, there is a silk-scarf-around-your-neck style to complete and complement your look.

#1 The Classics Neckerchief

It is some variation of the classic neckerchief that we have seen tied around the necks of well-dressed French women for decades. Timeless, sophisticated, and easy to wear, the classic neckerchief is always delivers.

#2 The Updated Neckerchief

Bigger and bolder, the modern silk neck scarf is all about making a statement with noteworthy knots, long lengths, and fine fittings.

The Silk Scarf

as a HeadScarf

Fashion & Function

Reminiscent of old-world Hollywood glamour at its peak, a silk scarf draped over a woman’s head not only enhances a look but can also serve a purpose or two.

Whether to protect your highlights from the effects of the sun or prevent tousled tresses from obstructing your view, the silk-scarf-as-a-headscarf is a fast, fashion fix.

The Silk Scarf

as a HairScarf

The silk-scarf-as-a-hair-accessory is one of my favorite accessory add-ons. Feminine & fun, but also distinguished and dignified, the silk scarf in your hair can take many forms. Transform a silk sash into a wide headband for a beautiful bohemian vibe, wrap a low bun in a bow for a simple and sophisticated look, or weave it through a braid for one that is flirty and fab!

The Silk Scarf

as Arm Candy

A silk-scarf-turned-bracelet is a great way to add a little je ne sais quoi to your LBD or bring a little savoir-style and splendor to your style selections.

And for something a little more unexpected, I am loving the silk-scar-as-a-watchstrap. How much fun it would be to style my timepiece according to my #lookdujour!

The Silk Scarf

as a Belt

Add a pop of color to your neutral work look, an unexpected touch to your basic jeans-and-a-tee ensemble, or easily punch up a basic pair of shorts. The silk ceinture can lend itself to every belt loop in your closet, transforming your wardrobe options with little effort and next to no footprint (great for travel).

No belt loops? No problem. Perfect pleat & placement or an Hermes Mors Scarf Ring are all you need!

The Silk Scarf

as a Top

Summer staples for anyone ready and willing to show a little skin, the inverted triangle and bandeau are likely the first scarf-as-a-top styles that come to mind. They are not, however, the only ones.
Did you know that Hermes used to manufacture and sell decks of style cards that featured Hermes-approved silk scarf styling inspiration and instructions? While these cards have been discontinued and are no longer sold by the company, the information, lives on! Curated here are some of my favorite silk scarf top styles that will link directly to the style’s corresponding digitized deck card with its step-by-step how-to instructions!

The Silk Scarf

as an Accessory for your Accessories

The accessory to accessorize all others. Perhaps the simplest way to bring silk scarf style into your life (or outfit) is by way of an already involved accessory! The silk scarf beautifully bound to a handbag or wrapped around the crown of a hat can make for a subtle, yet stylish statement with minimal effort.

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