This Thanksgiving, Take it Away, with Le Bilboquet

In some ways, our lives keep simplifying. We get our whims and wants in prime-time, 2-day shipments–thank you Amazon. Our last minute, culinary cravings are DoorDashed to our front doors in under an hour. And roaming along the grocery aisles for avocados? That’ what Insta-Cart is for.

So if this Thanksgiving, you want a five-star lineup, but none of the work or stress, you are not alone. Enter Le Bilboquet’s Thanksgiving menu of carved, boneless turkey (because who wants to go through the trouble of sharpening those knives!) stuffed with a chestnut and porcini stuffing and sensational sides like roasted rainbow carrots, mashed potatoes, haricot verts with lemon sumac and sweet potatoes with goat cheese. Add on a few a la carte appetizers like kale salad and butternut squash soup. And what thanksgiving celebration is without a sweet ending? Order Bilbo’s pumpkin or pecan pie. Why not both?

Altima presents an exclusive, first look at Le Bilboquet’s Thanksgiving Take-Away Menu. Of course, many will want to spend Thanksgiving at the restaurants on Via Encantada, in Manhattan or in Sag Harbor. Whether you want to dine in or dine at home, a feast is certainly guaranteed. And for that, we’re grateful.