for any Summer Celebration Situation

Late Summer Edit with Head-to-Toe Looks

Labor Day is on the mind, and plans are in the making!

Most people determine the WHERE before the WEAR.

I, on the other hand, style myself for potential scenarios and situations before they are even in the planning phase. A little excessive? Maybe. But my fashion fixation is about to become your Labor Day Style solution. You’re welcome.

Whether your plans call for a look that is cool & casual, a little more elevated & elegant, or somewhere in between, this Labor Day Style Edit has you covered.

Summer Celebration Situation #1

Where: Beach-Boat-Backyard 

When: Daytime

Le Maillot: No longer reserved for the most conservative dressers nor women “of a certain age,”  the maillot, aka the one-piece swimsuit, has undergone quite the transformation over the last decade, evolving into a swim style that looks and feels as sexy as any other.

From Mykonos to Miami, the one-piece has been gracing the most fabulous & fashionable beaches with its presence all summer long, and I am here for it! Pair the multitasking maillot with a long summer skirt, add your favorite fashion accouterments ( hat, shades, bag, sandals), and you have a cool co-ordination that adds an air of sophistication to your #summervibe.

For anyone who shares my appreciation for that effortless”French girl” fashion vibe (doesn’t everyone?), the maillot-maxi marriage is a match made in heaven. This swimwear edit rounds up just a few of the standout styles that did not make it into the head-to-toe featured ensembles below, but are just so good, they could not NOT be mentioned. Dive in and enjoy!

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Summer Celebration Situation #2

What: Lunch at Your Favorite Locale

When: Mid-Day into late Afternoon

A leisure lunch is a summer family favorite. We love Via Mizner’s Pizza al Fresco for our family get-together luncheons. This authentic ristorante e pizzeria offers the aesthetic, ambiance and tastes of your favorite Mediterranean café with genuine warmth and service-with-a-smile . A few recs from the Altima team; the Antipasto al Fresco is a great first course and for the pizza, if you have not yet had the Napolitana Pizza made with fresh bufala mozzarella and basil, you are missing out and need to handle that! PRONTO! Check out the full lunch menu here.

No matter where you decide to “do lunch,” my suggested styling criteria here can be summed up with one word: LIGHT.

Light shades of light colors in light fabrics come together to fashion (no pun intended) lunch-perfect looks that are fresh, feminine, and fabulous. So much so that I could not resist adding a few to my own wardrobe, so if anyone wants to meet up for lunch at Pizza al Fresco, I’ll meet you there!

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Summer Celebration Situation #3

What: Evening Plans

Where: Anywhere

While a Labor Day Celebration rarely, if ever, falls into the “formal” category, any after-the-sun-sets outfit calls for raising the bar.

Out with rigid rules regarding what can be worn with what, and in with newly-found  freedoms. From fresh color combinations to what constitutes a “coordinate” (coordinates may or may not actually be coordinated in the traditional matchy-matchy way), opposing elements are coming together to create complete looks, and I am here for all of it!

Think neutral summer silk in a statement print that pops or classic summer sundress silhouette in a striking tone or elaborate texture.

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Want to see what I am admiring, wearing, loving, and coveting in between my monthly Altima Palm Beach posts?

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  1. Melyssa bernstein
    Melyssa bernstein says:

    Loving the one-piece/maxi skirt look! Obsessed with those gold cuffs! And I just got a flutter sleeve top that I’m so all about at the moment. Great post, so much inspiration, as always!!


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