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Our friends at Digidust have just launched (today, September 15th) a fun mobile application for iPhone and Android called Streetfies. Streetfies lets you take a selfie anywhere in the world, with the background you desire…  Can’t travel  right now but wish you were? you can now make pretend or let others believe you are….

So if you’re experiencing the Florida heat and dreaming you were in Gstaad, or Saint-Tropez, you can share your fantasy with your friends and plug in the Gstaad Palace or the Voile Rouge and make pretend… (I love making pretend I’m somewhere else.. so this is going to be something I’ll be sending out daily making me look I traveled the globe in a week!)

You can download it for iPhone here

You can download it for Android here
The Mobile Application for iPhone and Android received a warm welcome today in Europe, generating traction in the US and Latin America. Congratulations to the Digidust team! We’re so happy to have you as a friend and partner!