A breed apart, a connoisseur of the refined, a matriarch with a penchant for the finer things. … 


But how can you tell? Look no further than our curated list of quintessential Caviar-mom archetypes:

1. The Savvy Sophisticate: She knows luxury isn’t synonymous with labels. This mom measures quality with a discerning eye, relying on firsthand experience and her keen senses.

Things you’ve likely heard her say:
“Quality over quantity.”
“Buy less, choose well.”
“But what’s the fabric content?”

2. The Palate Shaper: She insists her children “taste everything” because a refined palate must be cultivated.  She is a fervent traveler and nurturing worldly, curious taste testers.

Her parenting may sound like;
“No, you may not have ketchup.”
“When in Rome, do as the Romans.”
“That was the best meal we’ve ever had!” (Describing her experience after every trip.)

3. The Etiquette Enthusiast: For her, manners are the thread that stitches the fabric of society. Table manners are sacred—and should complement and enhance the dining experience. For this mom, mealtime doubles as a masterclass in social grace.
She is always reminding her brood to:
“Put napkins in laps, take elbows off tables” and so on

4. The Frill Seeker: For this momma, life’s little luxuries are a very big deal. From frothing coffee in her own kitchen to uncorking an exquisite bottle of wine on a whim, this mom never needs a reason to justify upgrading any experience on any given day.
This mom’s words of wisdom are likely to include:
“It’s the little things that make life big.”
“Life’s too short to drink bad wine.”
“Happy wife, happy life.”

5. The Vocal Virtuoso: Not shy about celebrating good food. This mom’s audible appreciation for delectable dining is all but discreet.
This one is hard to miss. Just listen for it…“Mmmmmm omg it’s soooo good.  Oooohhh Omg ahhhhh” at the table. (All we can think is  “I’ll have what she’s having.”)

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P.S. Every mom could use a little caviar in their life.

P.P.S. Caviar is ALWAYS a great idea!