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Customized Tutoring Sessions

So many of you, especially fellow Rosey alumni, will be delighted to know Michael Margaritoff, a tutor for several of your kids, is now collaborating with Jefferson Academics, an education company which works with private school students and with equestrian athletes who need flexible tutoring because of training. Michael will continue to offer private tutoring for the SAT & ACT, along with essay editing and IB support.  Jefferson Academics will supplement Michael’s work by offering tutoring, test prep, language instruction, support for students with learning differences, and private college consulting.  Read Michael’s recent blog post addressing Students’ Anxiety and Subversive Tutoring 

Oxford Inspired Tutorial System

Jefferson draws its inspiration from Oxford’s private tutorial system, which fosters academic rapport between teacher and student. Once enrolled, their students appreciate the Jefferson experience, a learning process that is customized, efficient and collaborative. And since an education provider is only as good as its teachers, Jefferson undertakes a meticulous search for superb, highly experienced instructors who are available 365 days a year, worldwide.

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For equestrians who show year-round or athletes who compete constantly, we offer flexible academic support. And for those who cannot remain in one place long enough to attend a traditional school, or who have less time to complete assignments because of training, we provide expert tutors who are available day or night.

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