PALMER and TOD’S Celebrate the Work of Harry Benson

Photos by: Jonathan Delano

Harry Benson and his wife Gigi, Southampton Arts Center Founding Co-Chair Simone Levinson, and PALMER’s Stefano Tonchi hosted a party sponsored by TOD’S to launch PALMER On The Road and to celebrate the iconic photographer’s blockbuster exhibit, which closed on Saturday after a successful 10-week run.

Despite cloudy skies, more than 250 guests were expected including Jamee & Peter Gregory, Katharina Otto & Nathan Bernstein, Hillary & Wilbur Ross, David Levinson, Kim Heirston, Bill McKnight, Diane & Tom Tuft, Alexander Vreeland & Lisa Imordino, Gigi & Avie Mortimer, Tatiana & Campion Platt, Danielle & David Ganek, David Maupin, Heather Mnuchin, Joey Wolffer, Romilly Newman, Peggy Siegel, Katherine Bryan, Bettina Zilka, Leslie Stevens, Anthony HaydenGuest, Fernanda Niven, Tara Peterson, Rachel Thomas, Caroline Berthand and Southampton Mayor Bill Manger.