“MMAD About You”

Meat Market Hosts Supporter Appreciation Party for MoviesMakingADifference

Meat Market hosted a happy-hour reception for MoviesMakingADifference to thank patrons, donors and volunteers for their support and efforts.  The event which took place Tuesday, June 8th also celebrated the completion of their second feature film CULT CARTEL starring Hollywood actors , including Donny Most (beloved Ralph Malph from Happy Days) alongside 28 actual survivors.  Local residents Joe Budd Maniscalco, Debbie Dailey and Julia Harris played substantial roles while Lavinia Baker, Simone Desiderio and Barbara Heilman all had smaller speaking parts. The film is dedicated to the late Jack Koch of Jupiter whose last wish was to make his dream of a film a reality.

Meat Market’s lounge and bar area were reserved for over 60 guests who enjoyed copious complimentary servings of hors d’oeuvres and happy hour drinks while the bar’s TV screen played the movie trailer on a continuous loop. In addition to founder Diana Davis and board member Sylvia Mesaric who along with her husband Z hosted Donny Most and his wife at their home on Ocean Boulevard, other board members and guests attending included Lavinia Baker, John McGreevy, Hope Lika, Paul McDonnell, Elaine Cristina, Debra Guerra, Mary Bryant McCourt, Ivana Mesaric, Corina Marginean, Colin Hughes, Sunny Arfa, Debra Tomarin, Mic McGann and Bonnie Roseman.

“It is truly heartwarming to hear how many guests asked how they could get involved, “ said Diana Davis, founder of MoviesMakingADifference and producer of Cult Cartel,  “The best way to create more awareness is to host one of our movies at their homes with their invited guests.  I will make myself available for a Q & A after the screening to explain first-hand how prevalent these atrocities are in our own country, but to also show how heroically these young survivors are able to take back their lives with a little boost of support and a lot of love.” Her growing team of 25 is giving just that.

Photos by Scott Giddens