by Maribel Alvarez

I’m one of those women who refuse to use a needle for anything other than as a required vaccine when traveling to an exotic destination or to mend a button.  So when my dear friend Melissa Peverini introduced me to Fillerina, a topical alternative to filler injections so many of my friends had been using for years, I was intrigued..

I targeted my deepest crevices with the precision applicator filled with the dose of topical Swiss Patent hyaluronic acid formula gel, followed by the nourishing film, drank two glasses of water nightly for 2 weeks and was hooked!  I proceeded to order the day, night and eye creams which I use regularly.

It’s now been over 2 months and I continue to receive comments on how much younger I look.. If you have any questions feel free to email Melissa at

I invite you to take a peek at the video below.  Click here to visit the website