No Family Should Walk their Child’s Cancer Journey alone

Pediatric Oncology Support Team, Inc. (POST)

Not a morning goes by I don’t give thanks for my healthy children and grandson. So it’s no wonder that when I learned about this fabulous organization making a difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families, I had to share…

The vision of Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST) is that ‘no family walks their child’s cancer journey alone.’ Though their ultimate vision is that of a world without childhood cancer, until then, they would like every family who has a child battling cancer to have a team of caring professionals walk with them through their cancer journey, giving the emotional and financial support they need.

For the past 21 years, POST has provided counseling and support to local families who have a child diagnosed with cancer. The services they provide are all-inclusive and completely depend on the needs of the family– from financial support, to school advocacy, to social outings to pain management.

Financial Support – Since many of their families are living paycheck to paycheck before their child’s diagnosis, the families suffer extreme financial hardship when one parent has to stop working to take care of the sick child. The situation is even worse for single parents. POST make sure that bills are paid, that there is gas in the car to get to doctor’s appointments, and food on the table for the entire family.

School Advocacy and Support – POST has a stuffed monkey who sits in the child’s chair in school, acting as a surrogate for the child, and allowing the child to interact with his class by accepting homework assignments and get well cards, and even going on class trips when the child is too sick to go. When the child is ready to go back to school, one of the POST therapists answer all the questions the classmates may have about cancer. (“Is cancer contagious” is the most common question.) The therapist also reviews with the school administrators any cognitive impairments caused by chemo, as well as what is needed to maintain the child’s heath due to the child’s compromised immune system.

Social Events & Outings – POST has regular activities for the kids and families – pizza and painting parties, holiday parties, movie days (movie theater must be thoroughly cleaned by volunteers before the children’s arrival). In addition, POST has activities just for the siblings – the forgotten ones in the family drama.

Pain Management – POST’s newest addition to their services is the pain management program, using state of the art virtual reality technology to transport the kids to another world during painful procedures. Virtual reality technology for pain management is being used around the country for burn victims and for people with sickle cell. Providing distraction from pain for children with cancer using virtual reality is relatively new. POST is the first to bring this new technology to children in Palm Beach County. Children are no longer afraid of the doctor’s appointments. Instead, they look forward to the visits since they know they will be playing in an undersea world instead of focusing on the pain they are experiencing.

Family Support – Most of all, POST provides the emotional support and counseling that everyone needs, including; Individual/family counseling, support groups, sibling support, and medical play. POST is the shoulder to lean on that the families desperately need. POST’s counselors and therapists wrap their arms around the families, both literally and figuratively, and walk the family’s cancer journey with them.

Thanks to POST no family walks their child’s cancer journey alone.

Please join us for a very special Happy Hour Wednesday April 10th at Meat Market Palm Beach.  Suggested minimum donation $10.  Complimentary hors d’oeuvres, raffle items.

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Pediatric Oncology Support Team, Inc. (POST)
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