The Newest in Eco-Luxury Catamarans:
Sunreef Yachts Eco

By Ann Lally

Sunreef Eco

Advanced Solutions Make Sunreef Eco Unrivaled

Imagine having the space of a three-story yacht with the comfort of a double hull. Then overlay electric motors that out-accelerate comparable gas engines. And then! Hear the silent ride, except for the sound of cruising wind from the decks. There’s nothing but high-performance green propulsion sailing or commandeering this vessel.

Sunreef Yachts unveiled its Eco-line of luxurious catamarans last summer at the Boat Show in Monaco, where Chief Technology Officer Nicolas Lapp shared a preview of brilliant engineering feats. He started with superior solar panels, at half the weight and double the power of others. Stronger and more efficient, the panels are made from natural fibers so thin and flexible that they can wrap around a mast and a curved carbon rooftop. Did we say carbon? There’s plenty on board to make the boats lighter, ergo more fuel efficient.

Lapp also demonstrated the lithium battery bank that can power all the house appliances and air-conditioning for 24 hours. Each boat also includes hydro generation wind turbines, even specially formulated bottom-paint to reduce drag and increase performance.

Sunreef Eco

The green side of luxury yachting today has extraordinary upside for those seeking superior design, as well. Sunreef ‘s own interior design team helps buyers customize their boat with sustainable, responsibly sourced materials, even vegan leather.  Sunreef offers four size options in the sailing range and five in the power range.

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Superior Custom Design

“With Sunreef Yachts Eco we took the time to reassess the way we think of yacht interiors. We have a unique, holistic approach to green yachting. It is present in every single aspect of our boats, including the decors. Today, we can proudly say our boats are green inside and out. This is because we sourced for the best natural and recycled materials, making no compromise on quality. Luxury and sustainability can and should go together.” Francis Lapp – Founder and President

Sunreef 80 interior

It’s no wonder that Raphael Nadal recently selected a Sunreef yacht to unwind and cruise the Balearics with family and friends during his downtime from Grand Slam tennis. Read More

Sunreef Eco-line is represented in South Florida by Robert Riva, US Director of Sales M 305.321.2582