meat Market Flavors of 2020

Points Redeemable Towards Meat Market Dollars and Unique Guest Experiences

Before I go on to tell you about this exciting loyalty program, I need to say the following:  We’ve all missed the summer wine dinners and happy hours Meat Market Palm Beach is famous for, but I’m so proud this restaurant has not only adhered to the CDC guidelines, but has gone beyond to protect its staff and patrons.   It’s the only restaurant I know of in Palm Beach that continues to take the temperature of patrons and has politely denied entry to anyone refusing to have their temperature taken. Reservations are limited to safe distancing and staff is required to wear masks at all times.  They not only abide by CDC guidelines, but they go the extra mile to make every patron feel safe to enjoy a fabulous dinner in an air-conditioned setting.

Now let me tell you about the new loyalty program, The Meat Market Club:   It has NOTHING to do with the Gold Card, however Gold Card members will benefit from the loyalty program without foregoing their perks. Every patron, whether attending happy hour or benefiting from the Flavors of 2020 prix-fixe menu, will earn a point for every dollar spent.  No cost, no trouble, it’s a straight out bonus system which translates in to Meat Market dollars, or for some,  a 4-day wine-tasting trip to the most coveted vineyards in Napa or even Mendoza vineyards in Argentina.

This is how it works:

Enrollment is simple, quick and immediately valid by downloading the Meat Market Steak House App or by clicking on and registering.    All registrants immediately receive 500 points upon signing up, and 1 point for every dollar spent at any of the restaurant’s locations, including special promotions, happy hours,  prix-fixe menus and even Steak Sundays for half-priced signature steaks!

The best Part:  Don’t t worry about memorizing your membership number!   Guests will either be identified by their phone numbers, or for those who rather not share personal information, a ‘check in’ option through the app on their phone  will provide them with a valid code they can share with their server.

I hope we start seeing a lot more of each other in the coming weeks!  You will often find me at Meat Market racking up my points!

Meat Market is ideally located at 191 Bradley Place in Palm Beach and serves dinner nightly.

For reservations, please all 561.354.9800. For more information, including full menu options, visit