Le Bilboquet

Whether in Palm Beach or Sag Harbor, Le Bilboquet is Always in Season

The elevated French bistro fare is magnificent; the table watching (and eavesdropping) equally scintillating. It’s where cognoscenti, artists, intellectuals, Oscar-celebrated actors and prime time politicians pull up a Maison Gatti rattan seat and a bottle of Romanee-Conti to go with the famed cajun chicken. While Le Bilboquet Sag Harbor was traditionally the summer pit stop and Le Bilboquet Palm Beach was meant to be the winter one, it appears the seasons are blurring post-pandemic and the energy at both locations remains high caliber.

This summer, as Sag Harbor gets over a hundred reservation requests a day, Palm Beach’s off-season remains strong, even though this newest location has been open for less than a year. “This summer many of us have decided to stay in Florida and just take short trips,” says interior designer and muralist Stephanie Walczack. “Thank goodness Bilboquet finally got a reservation phone line set up. It was always a who-you-know or take-your-chances-on-line. And when I’m in the mood for a luxurious lunch, Le Bilboquet delivers.”

Bilboquet Sag Harbor

Le Bilboquet Sag Harbor

Le Bilboquet Palm Beach

As it has for years. Owner Philippe Delgrange is used to jetting between his various locations (Manhattan, Denver, Atlanta, Dallas) and personally involving himself in the back and front of the house, greeting regulars and new faces.  “For me, this is not just a restaurant, this is an extension of my home,” says Delgrange. “I want everyone to feel like they can come here, forget their troubles and just indulge.” That includes dancing into the wee hours (with guest djs), sipping Nuestra Damas in the jasmine-filled, tropical patio and procuring macarons for patron’s well-coiffed poodles. Afterall, we are on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach’s toniest stretch.

Dobi Trendafilova, Director of Operations for Le Bilboquet Group, says she was happily surprised with how Palm Beach’s summer locals are embracing the elegant bistro. “We have made special additions to our summer menu, including a daily, local caught crudo and a prix fixe,” says Trendafilova. “Of course, whether in Palm Beach or Sag Harbor, regulars can and should expect all of their favorite dishes–including the Cajun Chicken, our owner’s original recipe!”

Philippe Delgrange Bilboquet

Dobi Trendafilova, Director of operations for Le Bilboquet Group and Philippe Delgrange

Worth Avenue jewelry designer and shop owner Kim Renk says Le Bilboquet has reenergized the Avenue. “While we could not travel to the South of France this season, St. Tropez came to Palm Beach with Bilboquet. The terrific food is the icing on the cake!” And totally Worth it.

For Reservations
Palm Beach: 561.812.2363 or Click Here             Sag Harbor: 631.808.3767 or Click here