No More Fake News!
Le Bilboquet Palm Beach was worth the wait!

By Maribel Alvarez

Le Bilboquet

Exquisite, Elegant, Ambiance and Charisma

So for two months, you’ve been hearing me write about and talk about Le Bilboquet Palm Beach opening and probably thought it was fake news all along!  Yes, I admit I got ahead of myself…  I got carried away with my excitement, with all of your enquiring calls and misinterpreted deadlines….

Well, guess what my friends, Le Bilboquet has finally opened and it was well worth the wait!  The exquisitely designed restaurant has spared no expense to fill a much needed void on the Island– Authentic French cuisine, al-fresco seating, understated elegance, private dining options and the icing on the gateau? Philippe Delgrange’s charismatic team!  It’s a home run for all of us!  Especially those New Yorkers who have sought refuge on our Island which hold Le Bilboquet is at the top of the ‘must’ list. 

I was lucky to be included in the friends and family soft opening, and though Philippe is stressing about not everything being perfect just yet… I thought it was beyond perfect!   This season, New Yorkers leaving their homes in the Hamptons and flats in the city will continue to enjoy the bistro classics such as their signature Foie Gras,  Poulet Cajun, Tuna Tartare, Endives Roquefort, Sag Harbor’s favorite Moules Marinières,  Beef Tartare with Frites and my personal favorites now that I’ve experienced Palm Beach’s menu:  Avocado Crabe Salade and of course the Bilbo Royale-a sumptuous seafood tower like you’ve never experienced before

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Some of you may have missed my trip down memory lane with Le Bilboquet which was featured in an earlier post.  I thought now would be a good time to repost it….

Le Bilboquet:  Down Memory Lane

I remember when Philippe opened the first Le Bilboquet  back in 1986, on 63rd Street between Madison and Park, across from the Lowell Hotel.  With just twenty tables, Le Bilboquet became a sensation overnight!  From that day on, excited guests packed the tiny bistro while groups huddled under the untitled green canopy waiting  for a seat to be vacated.  Unfortunately for them, no one would be in a rush to leave!  I insisted in booking the restaurant for my 30th birthday celebration!  A night I will never forget!

Fun fact:  Not only was there no title on the canopy when it was first opened, but there wasn’t a kitchen either!  You only knew it was there, if you were in the know, and it was all about the salads, a soup of the day, copious servings of rosé wine and of course multiple espressos to make up for the wine! 

Le Bilboquet, circa 1988

Le Bilboquet Brand

With Philippe Delgrange at the helm, it’s no surprise that in addition to the flagship restaurant on 60th and Madison, which is arguably the most coveted dining destination in New York City, Le Bilboquet’s success is today evident in Sag Harbor, Atlanta, Dallas and come December, Palm Beach!

Philippe Delgrange  came to the US in the early 70s and got his start in the hospitality b working for what would become the famous Atrium Club. One year later, celebrity night club owner Regine came calling. Eventually, he would leave Regine’s and join one of Madison Avenue most famous French eateries, Le Relais.  However, the urge to start his own establishment was too strong and so in 1986, Philippe opened Le Bilboquet on East 63rd with just twenty tables. Today, Le Bilboquet, on East 60th street, has more than one hundred and twenty seats and is considered to be one of the most difficult reservations to get in Manhattan. Le Bilboquet, is not only a beloved neighborhood French bistro, but a true New York City institution.

Philippe Delgrange

Palm Beach welcomes Philippe’s vision, charisma, warm personality and dedication to service!

Le Bilboquet

Le Bilboquet, New York
20 East 60th Street
Tel: 212.751.3036
IG: @lebilboquetny

Fleming by Le Bilboquet

Fleming by Le Bilboquet
27 East 62nd Street

Cafe Le Bilboquet

Cafe Bilboquet
26 East 60th Street
IG: @cafebilboquet

Le Bilboquet

Le Bilboquet Sag Harbor
1 Long Wharf
Tel: 631.808.3767

Le Bilboquet

Le Bilboquet, Atlanta
3027 Boiling Way NE
Tel: 404.869.9944
IG: @lebilboquetatlanta

Le Bilboquet

Le Bilboquet, Dallas
4514 Travis St,  #124
Tel: 469.730.2937
IG: @lebilboquetdallas

Le bilboquet Denver

Le Bilboquet Denver
299 St Paul Street
Tel:  303.835.9999