The Realm by Kimberly Stewart
From Clutter to Clarity

The Realm by Kimberly Stewart

A Personalized Luxury Home Organization and Space Curation Service

Kimberly Stewart may not follow in her father’s musical steps, but she certainly stepped it up when it came to organizing his Palm Beach closets and pantries.   An effort which led to her idea of launching The Realm by Kimberly Stewart.   “I decided to quarantine at Dad’s place last Fall, and I was like–whoa, I need to organize this space!,” said Stewart.

An expert in upscale and functional organization and design, Kimberly has found a niche in the decluttering space. Her passion for order began as a child, when she could be found organizing her Barbie’s homes, closets and car collections.

After years of experiencing culture and design from around the world, as well as organizing spaces on the highest level for celebrities and stylists, today Stewart is CEO of the Realm. A full-service luxury home and office organization company, The Realm specializes in transforming everyday spaces and organizing home essentials to maximize utility and highlight personal aesthetics.

Kimberly’s unmatched experience and distinguishable character is what makes The Realm one of the most sought-after luxury organization companies, but at the forefront of The Realm is Kimberly’s relationship with her clients.

“During my initial consultation, I pick my client’s brain, place myself in his or her shoes to assess what will work best with his or her lifestyle. Then and only then do I begin the process of curating the space.  The space has to be curated to complement the client’s lifestyle,” says Kimberly.

Kimberly is currently focusing on growing her business in Palm Beach and expects to remain on the island at least through May.  “My clients are delighted to hear of Kimberly’s personalized services.  This is exactly what Palm Beach needed,” said internationally renowned interior designer Scott Snyder. 

To contact Kimblery, DM her on instagram at @Therealm_ks or visit The Realm by KS