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Tammy Fender
LA CLARA’s preferred skin-care concierge, holistic beauty expert Tammy Fender 

Over 25 years ago, Tammy Fender pioneered a movement towards natural, plant-based luxury skincare and holistic health. As a renowned aesthetician, Tammy’s known for her collection of pure, hand-blended formulations, sharing the exquisite healing energy of the plant kingdom, and for a devoted celebrity following, who swear by her legendary facials. Her flagship location has become a worldwide destination for believers in a holistic approach to skin care and general well-being. She’s received accolades and endorsements from beauty experts including Vogue’s Contributing Beauty Editor, Goop’s Beauty Director and was recently highlighted in the December issue of Town & Country.

Is there a preferred at-home facial protocol you suggest for those with dry skin?

When working with dry skin, gentleness counts. Exfoliating away  surface dullness is a goal, but it’s always secondary to quenching that dryness and restoring the complexion’s bright luster. Remember the “glow” comes not only from recent exfoliation—the removal of surface cells—but shines in skin that’s replenished at the deepest levels. As a holistic practitioner, I believe that topical treatments are only the beginning. Drinking more water and eating food that are deliciously high in essential fatty acids, like avocados or almonds, is great support.

That said, for dry skin, I recommend a double mask protocol, as found in our Restorative At-Home Facial Treatment Kit. This is a two step process using a clay-based exfoliant, such as Epi-Peel, followed by a very robust treatment mask full of replenishing plant remedies that quench the skin on every level, which was the inspiration for Restorative Radiance Masque. But it’s crucial to follow rich nutritive serum, like Quintessential Serum, to protect freshly treated skin, locking in moisture, once the facial process is complete.

Tammy Fender At-Home Restorative Facial Treatment Kit

What about chemical exfoliants? How do you feel about peels at home? 

I love to work with natural AHAs in my collection, and feel that these beautiful natural remedies give great benefits. White Hibiscus, blended into my Restorative Radiance Masque, does this so beautifully, providing all the benefits without the harshness of chemical agents. It encourages a more polished, toned complexion, but it also helps boost the skin’s hydration. There is a reason people call it ‘herbal botox.’

Is there technique to”buffing” away dead skin?

In the treatment room, I use Epi-Peel as an exfoliant and utilize a gommage technique that stimulates circulation and helps slough away dead surface cells. Using fingertips, very light pressure and small circular motions works really well. By using less pressure, and investing the extra moment or two in light, repetitive exfoliation, you benefit more than using fast, aggressive buffing. Take the time and you will help maintain skin’s integrity. You want to remove dead surface cells, but without harming the underlying living layers of the skin.

How can you be sure your moisturizer is really sinking into dry skin?

In my experience, dry skin loves plant-based formulas, which tend to absorb so deeply and thoroughly. I’ve found that non-natural ingredients can get in the way when what you want is to deliver key ingredients, such as pure essence of Rose, which is so beneficial, to the deepest layers of the skin. At the same time, when I’m using a formula like Quintessential Serum, I like to use a firm patting technique to press the blend into the skin. You want to work the formula into the pores.

Which are your favorite products for treating dry skin in an at-home facial? 

Epi-Peel, my clay-based micro-exfoliating mask, is gentle on the skin, but very effectively removes surface dullness. The particles used in the blend are just right, buffing the skin without causing damage, while essences of Rosemary and Spearmint give the formula an invigorating effect. It wakes up the complexion in every way.

For dry skin, I like to recommend Restorative Radiance Masque, which is loaded with plant remedies that bring vital nutrients and minerals to depleted skin, including Baobab, Lotus, Jasmine and pure essence Rose. It’s so rich, and the pink clay base holds these powerful agents beautifully, allowing the skin to drink in the benefits.

But what really holds and supports dry skin, especially after a facial, is a nutritive super-serum like Quintessential Serum, which is blended with pure essence of Rose and Frankincense. It creates a protective barrier at the skin’s surface, locking in hydration and supplying an amazing array of vitamins and minerals.

Which tools do you recommend for someone with dry skin to enhance their at-home facial experience? 

You might prep with a gentle steam treatment, in order to open the pores but also to soften the skin before exfoliating, which supports a gentle approach. (Use a bowl and pour in hot water over fresh herbs.) You could decide to use the 10 minutes while the mask absorbs to read, take a bath or drink a cup of tea, without your device. You might commit to a 6-week dietary shift that moves you towards simplicity—eliminating foods that don’t support skin health, those that are processed, or contain lots of sugar. The facial treatments are most effective when they are integrated into a lifestyle that supports skin health, and overall holistic wellness.

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