By Susan Stone (Certified Specialist in Mental and Spiritual Well-Being)

Stress Free Holiday…Easier than YOU Think!

Holidays can be overwhelming…presents, parties, family issues, and that’s just the start of the holiday stress list!

We know that stress isn’t good for our bodies or our emotional state and sadly, it can affect those close to us. When triggered by fear or stress, we may feel out of control, act irrationally and over consume (aka the holiday weight). This is because there is a physical as well as emotional response to stress.

In fact, thousands of tiny chemicals are released into our systems every time we are triggered by fear or stress. This hormonal chemical dump is only a part of the human “Fight/Flight Response.” Our subconscious mind, which is much faster than our conscious mind, also tells our liver to stop detoxing, our digestion to shut down and sends energy to the large limb muscles getting the body ready to run, fight or hide. Because our subconscious can’t distinguish between a real threat (bear chasing you) or a perceived threat (thought of a bear chasing you), it automatically triggers the “Fight/Flight” reaction every time. Self-preservation is always the subconscious’ top priority


Maribel and Susan

The good news is that you can override this reaction and even program in a new response to stress. It’s called The Whole Brain Body Posture. It’s simple and only takes a few minutes!

So when things get tense…politic talk or unsolicited relationship advice at the big holiday dinner…instead of going for another glass of wine or plate of food, take a five minute “time out” and try The Whole Brain Posture technique

I met Susan under sad circumstances– I was grieving, needed answers and most importantly, needed to cope and move forward.  Susan gave me the tools and the hope I needed to plug through every painful day.  I’ve invited Susan to share her fabulous energy, hope, and expertise with our subscribers and look forward to her monthly Altima blog contribution on mental and spiritual well-being. ” Maribel Alvarez


About Susan Stone

Susan Stone is a PSYCH-K Facilitator, Emotional Intelligence Instructor and certified Hypnotherapist.  A lifetime student of human and business development, Ms. Stone received her training from the world renowned Omni Hypnosis Training Center, NLP training from National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming, and her Advanced, Health & Wellbeing & PRO PSYCH-K training from International PSYCH-K.  She has BA in Employment Relations from Michigan State University where she attended graduate school.

Prior to founding S2 Evolution, Susan has held leadership positions in national charities as well as South Florida businesses. She has appeared on several primetime television shows such as Extreme Makeover, The Today Show, The Montel Williams Show, Lifetime Channel, PBS, Inside Edition and has also been featured interviews in several major publications including USA Today, Washington Post and The NY Times.  As Executive Director of the International Children’s Charity Locks of Love, Susan was instrumental in simultaneously doubling the number of children served, increasing individual contributions over 170%, net income by over 500%, and volunteer participation by 1,000%. She also secured the organization’s first Fortune 500 sponsors including L’Oreal/Matrix and Pfizer/Rogaine.

Susan holds certifications in Pain Management from the Nurse Anesthetists Association, Hypno-Oncology from National Hypnosis Guild, HypnoBirthing and Ultra-Height from Omni Hypnosis and she also is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Instructor and PSYCH-K Facilitator on the fast track to becoming a PSYCH-K Instructor.  In addition to her private practice, Ms Stone has served as Consulting Hypnotherapist for the Palm Beach Cancer Foundation’s Sari Cancer Center.