Holiday Gift Guide

What to Get the Women in your life

Gift Guide for the Women in Your Life

Under $500

The woman who refuses to give her wrists up to a smart watch or FitBit

Ōura Ring -from $349

Subtle and stylish, this tracking device will track and monitor without taking up any valuable styling space

The Boho Chic Girl with the big bag

Dahlia Grande – $376

This is the ultimate purse for your boho vibe bestie who carries her whole life around with her.

Your swanky sister / friend who is never too casual for couture

The Woman with the Chaotic Household

Cute little ear buds may be trendy but they do nothing for the woman who needs all the help she can get making others understand that she is not available to do anything for anyone at this moment.

The always stylish, edgy, and cool fashionista

The Facial Enthusiast

A relaxing facial massage meets all her favorite facial treatments. This multi-tasking device doesn’t stop there — from skin-toning micro-current to rejuvenating light therapy, you can combine and customize more facial health treatments than any other device.

The daughter / niece / sister who has recently begun adulting

women's gift guide pans

Caraway 4-piece Cookware Set$545  $395 (Cyber 2022 Sale)

This chemical-free ceramic-coated cookware is amazing and makes a great gift! I love mine and only wish I had waited for even more colors to come out before buying my set…  There are 10 color options now!

The I’ll try anything once friend

An Experience

From Sky-Diving to learning a new instrument to exploring a potential hobby she knows nothing about, expanding one’s horizons is always a fabulous gift idea.

Gift Guide for the Women in Your Life

Under $300

The no logos on my leather please lady

mark and graham gifts for women

The NoteTaker

A SMART Notebook Tablet (with a paper feel)

Remarkable2 – $279

This one is on my personal wishlist this year. Feels like paper ,but works like your computer… #yesplease

The woman who loves to entertain

The one with the silk scarves

This little silk scarf accessory opens up a whole world of opportunities for the silk scarf.

The One Who Cooks for a meat-eating family

Not only does the sous vide require minimal effort while delivering maximum results, clean-up is seamless too! While most cooking tools are overrated and overhyped, this one does not receive the attention it merits and anyone who has dinner on their to-do list will appreciate all that the sous vide brings to the table (no pun intended).

The fashionista who loves vintage

Hermes cartes a nouer gift guide women

Hermes Cartes a Nouer / Scarf Styling Cards -from $200

BlueFly  | 1stDibs | Ebay

The Hermes Cartes a Nouer Deck collection has been discontinued and can only be purchased secondhand.

The Girly Girl Woman

gift guide women silk robe

Gift Guide for the Women in Your Life

Under $200

The mother-of-young-children

Men's Gift Guide

Ember Smart Mug – $149

Because a mom of bambinos can never finish her coffee in one sitting.

The Friend that loves to stack arm candy

The Out of Town Relative

The Woman who even looks cool in her loungewear

The Friend you wish would take a few more deep breaths

Gift Guide for the Women in Your Life

Under $100

The fabulous friend with a corner office, cool condo, no kids, and no clutter

The well-seasoned friend

The Rosé all Day friend

VinGlace – $90

The New Mom

The friend who loves an affirmation

The Friend with Instaworthy Shelves

And to light those candles

The Friend you Share 90’s Nostalgia with

Pretty much any of the women in your life

The Woman with all the Sunglasses

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