Federico Uribe

Cavalier Ebanks Gallery, Greenwich

Federico Uribe

Cavalier Ebanks Gallery presents Federico Uribe solo exhibit Oct.3 – Nov. 10

Cavalier Ebanks Galleries opened its one-man show for artist Federico Uribe, on October 3rd at Cavalier Ebanks Galleries in Greenwich, CT. The exhibition will be on view until November 10th.

This special exhibition will transform the gallery into a mesmerizing world of Federico Uribe’s creation, with ordinary objects taking on a new life as extraordinary sculptures. The artist assembles thousands of commonplace items such as colored pencils, erasers, books, and bullet shells to create intricate and lively renderings of animals, nature, and abstract forms. Uribe’s dynamic sculptures appear lifelike and vibrant, successfully capturing and enthralling viewers in their complexity. His elaborate creations allow viewers to make imaginative connections between everyday objects and beauty and inspire excitement and intrigue from all walks of life.

Uribe’s works have been exhibited extensively throughout the world, most recently at the Venice Biennale in the historical Palazzo Bembo. and at a solo exhibition at Cavalier Gallery in New York City. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Uribe now lives and work in Miami, Florida. His artwork has been collected by and featured in multiple museums around North and South America and will soon be featured in a solo exhibition at the Montclair Art Museum in New Jersey.

Coming to Palm Beach this season at the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden

The Practice of Optimism:  Sculpture by Federico Uribe November 20- February 2, 2020 in partnership with Adelson Cavalier Galleries, Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, and the Perry J. Cohen Foundation

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