That Ensure your Houseguests Feel at Home

By: Alexis Posada TeStrake

three things houseguests

Anyone experiencing the winter season in all its glory knows that a home in the subtropics is a hot weather haven. This translates–to Floridians– into a steady stream of sun-seeking “snowbirds,” eager to make their way south and stay a while.

As someone who loves and lives for the connection, conversation, and chaos of hosting my favorite humans, I have picked up a few practices that professedly make Casa TeStrake a  desirable destination. I take pride in this and believe it is in large part because of how I make “make yourself at home” easy to do with three simple guidelines.

#1 The Guest Room Swag Basket

A carefully curated mélange of everyday essentials and ancillary accouterments

Houseguests Guest Basket
What’s in the Basket?

#2 Coffee Anyone?

The singlemost thoughtful thing a host can do for a houseguest is facilitate easy and independent access to whatever they may need to start their day in the manner to which they are accustomed. For some, this may mean providing them with the alarm code so they can make a quiet exit out the front door as early as they please. For most, this means easily accessible, freshly brewed coffee and accompaniments. Inquire, act accordingly, and take a moment to show them around the kitchen. To fall asleep knowing you can start your day as it pleases you, no matter what the situation, is to feel at home no matter what time zone–or heat zone– wake up in.

Houseguests Coffee

#3 Como Shambhala Comfort

Indulge in a sensorial journey with this super soft, lightweight baby yak throw.

If you read my August post Three Things That Cool me Down when Temps are Up , you already know that I keep my house colder than is comfortable for most. And if there is one thing in my home that does not cater to the preferences of others, it’s my thermostat. Thanks to the addition of my Como Shambhala Baby Yak Throw, no one cares how cold it is anymore!  Such a luxury it is to wrap oneself up in this lavish layer, that my guests look forward to it. Read: Complaints about it being too cold in my home have become a thing of the past!

The Como Shambhala baby yak throw is made from the ultra-fine underbelly hair of baby yaks, which shed naturally during springtime. Super soft, lightweight, and magnificent, ladies and gentlemen, this is what luxury lounging looks (and feels) like. Available exclusively at Via Coquina.

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  1. Melyssa bernstein
    Melyssa bernstein says:

    I’m so loving the headphones sleep mask!!! Brilliant!!! These are all so very on brand for you. Your house is always filled with elements of surprise comfort and joy you didn’t even know you needed, until it’s there. Love this piece, these ideas and I’m so adding that sleep mask to my holiday gift list :)


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