Countess Diane de la Bégassière’s sense of humor and personal relationships are  key to the success of Miss D’s Luna Si Podcast and her eclectic roster of guest speakers. Diane discovered a way to leverage her innate sense of humor, inquisitive nature, people skills and eclectic roster of friends.  Former water ski champion, triathlete, jewelry designer and Manhattan PR maven, Diane’s joy of life and laughter has led her to this latest stage in her life.

“I finally figured out I have a face for Podcasting,” says Diane, “I know so many people with interesting stories to share, starting a podcast was a natural.”


Diane with Edwina Sandys

Within just 6 months, Diane has hosted over 15 shows including internationally renowned artists, interior designers, authors, exiled aristocrats, entrepreneurs—all of whom have fascinating stories, experiences, and in some cases interesting behind the scene secrets to reveal.   The stellar roster of guests have included Edwina Sandys, granddaughter of Winston Churchill, artist and author;  Nadine Kalachnikoff, Russian Aristocrat, International Interior Designer/artist who recounts her early youth following her father’s exile from Russia and growing up in Paris surrounded by Dali and Picasso, and had her book report written by Ernest Hemingway,  and who overcame her learning disabilities and shyness through catering (Her clients included the White House and the British Royal family):  Patrick McMullan iconic NY Celebrity and social photographer, who recounts memories from a by-gone area including memories with Jackie Kennedy Onassis, David Bowie;  Rochelle Ohrstrom, artist and author of Ponzi & Picasso where she reveals the darker side of the art world;  Tarik Wildman who confesses he does everything (yes everything)  while flying a plane; and Harry Hurt III author of 7 books and writer for NY Times and Texas Monthly.

“What I love the most of what I do is what I learn about my friends I never knew!  In this day and age, we don’t spend enough time asking questions, we’re too busy moving on to the next.  I love sitting my friends down and developing a conversation in a friendly, casual and comfortable setting, and understanding what led them to be who they are now,” says Diane de la Begassiere.

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