Cristina Cuomo in Conversation with Renown Architect Siamak Hariri
on Designing Mindful Space and Unfolding Horizons

Cristina Cuomo

The 9 Feet-Deep Corner Terraces at LA CLARA are designed to offer privacy while inviting the outdoors in, merging the natural landscape seamlessly with the spacious indoors

Designing from the Inside out, Creating Unfolding Horizons

Renowned architect Siamak Hariri, creator of the award winning  Bahá’í Temple of South America in Chile, shared his mindful approach to design during a recent interview hosted by Cristina Cuomo, owner and founder of the Purist Magazine.  “Architecture is an emotional engagement, and now more than ever, it is important to reside in a space that moves the spirit.   Beauty influences the spirit and just like a painting or music can make your heart stop a beat, a beautifully proportioned cocktail of light, space, detail, craft and landscape has the ability to move you and trigger the same kind of emotion. ” says Hariri.  He goes on to explain how he designs from the inside out, so that the outside is a fluid extension creating what he refers to as unfolding horizons.

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Siamak, who designed LA CLARA Palm Beach, the only luxury waterfront condominium currently under construction in West Palm,  talks about how he applied his unfolding horizons philosophy in the design of LA CLARA.  “We sought to bring clarity, privacy and the idea of inside-outside living in all of the 83 residences and we had a beautiful landscape and horizon to work with. The spacious interiors with 10 feet floor to ceiling windows flow in to 9 feet deep generous corner terraces, expand the horizon offering every resident outside living and waterviews, without sacrificing their privacy.

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