Hakkasan Nightclub Las Vegas, InList Feature

Hakkasan Nightclub Las Vegas, InList Feature

If you are still frantically trying to figure out how you will celebrate New Years Eve, you can relax now. Why? Because there is an app for that.

Our partnership with InList, has us covered for the biggest and most exciting parties of the year—whether you’re in St. Barths, South Beach or Sydney. InList, the members-only mobile application for discovering and booking curated nightlife and special events is in over 45 cities around the world. Book any type of NYE event from a black tie bacchanal to a VIP table at a chic nightclub.


InList App, Altima Offer

As a holiday gift from InList, they have offered Altima subscribers a $100 INLIST credit that is eligible to be applied towards any New Years VIP Table Reservation at any of their partner venues worldwide. If you are not already a VIP INLIST member, please follow the easy instructions below to receive immediate VIP pre-approved status.

Here is how simple it is: First make sure you download the APP on your phone at www.inlist.com . Request VIP membership with code ALTIMANEWYEARS.  Then simply locate your preferred city, select your favorite New Year’s Eve event in the app, and choose how you want to celebrate 2016. Make sure to contact your personal InList Representative in the app to obtain your credit. We look forward to helping you plan the best New Years yet! Cheers and Happy New Year!
Contact Maribel@altimapalmbeach.com for more information.


By Eileen Louissaint, Altima Contributing Writer

What was your greatest experience as a child? Was it a vacation your parents took you on? Maybe it was when you met your lifelong friend during recess? Did you have a teacher who inspired you to become what you are today? I am sure you have shared endless childhood stories with your children. It is time for your them to start making memories of their own…

Institut Le Rosey is known for bringing excellence in education and life experiences for the past 135 years. Does a 2-week Winter Camp filled with the breath-taking natural beauty of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, endless indoor and outdoor adventures and a group of inspiring mentors sound like a blast to you? Sorry parents, but we are talking to the kids! (You are invited to live vicariously through them, of course.)

A Rosean is an active, curious and ambitious individual with the motivation to follow a holistic education.

Institut Le Rosey

Institut Le Rosey

The exclusive camp only accepts 50 students and focuses in the development of self-confidence.   The program which is made up of sports, activities, workshops and excursions, will be led by a team of 7 counselors who have been with Le Rosey and the Rosey Summer Camps for at least 5 years. There is a Camp Director, a Head of Excursions, a Head of Sports, a Head of Boarding, a Nurse, an Arts teacher, Public Speaking teacher and 5 more supporting teachers who are there to ensure your child makes the most out of this experience!


Interested in this opportunity for your child? Contact Maribel@altimapalmbeach.com or 561-833-8283


WIMCO | Beach House Cosmos

WIMCO | Beach House Cosmos

The island of St Barths is one of our favorite winter retreats. Here is an update on some of the latest happenings on the island…

New Restaurants
St Barths is known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. With over 60 restaurants packed into its compact 8 miles, you’ll have no difficulty finding new and exciting places to try out every day. Long time favs like Maya’s, the Hideaway, Sante Fe, Do Brazil and La Gloriette all have their fans. Here is a quick take on two newcomers.

25 Quarter: The pop art inspired bar opened up in the space formerly occupied by Monbarth in Gustavia, and the year before that by Rhum St Barth. It advertises exciting “street food” like finger food tacos and sliders.

Carpe Diem: A bit of Italy has been found its way to the La Pointe area of Gustavia, in the space formerly occupied by Le Ti Zouk. This is a simple restaurant with Italian dishes like beef carpaccio , burratina with sausages, and zucchini soup for starters. For main courses, several varieties of pasta, with different sauces, and the ability to choose the portion size. A good value.

25 Quarter

25 Quarter | Gustavia, St Barths

Best times to go
New Year: Think multi-course dinners, champagne toasts, moonlight on the calm ocean, fireworks over the harbor in Gustavia, parties on the yachts tied up to the quai, live music in the streets and in many restaurants, a moveable feast for the eyes and senses.

Carnaval: Feb 9, 2016. An intimate fun version of Mardi Gras

Bucket Regatta: March 17-20, 2016. See some of the most elegant and impressive large sailing boats (100+’ in length) in the world compete for the celebrated Bucket cup.

Les Voiles de St Barths Regatta: April 11-16

St Barts Villa

Where to stay
St Barths has several top notch hotels, and for those of you visiting St Barths for the first time, that may fit your comfort zone. Repeat visitors to the island quickly figure out that the island’s private villas can offer more space, privacy and value than a comparable number of hotel rooms. If you are game to try a villa rental, we recommend that you contact WIMCO Villas, a company we have used for several of our vacations. Their reservations office in the US will help guide you to a villa that best suites your needs, and then their on-island concierge team will take care of your every need during your vacation.

Reservations: info@wimco.comor 401-849-8012

WIMCO has some excellent villas still available for New Years week, call for details.
Links to a sampling of villas is included below:

5+ bedroom villas
WV CML http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/67369589/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=2714850f
$89,950/week – *10 night min
WV BWH http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/67369604/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=46ce337c
WV STR http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/67369607/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=29616409
$80,000/week – *7 night min.
WV WAY http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/67369609/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=b8ba1209

3 & 4 bedroom villas
WV PEK http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/67840296/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=9ab876fe
$39,500/week – *10 night min
WV COS http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/57243052/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=b7d01295
WV HCH http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/67369723/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=3d9b4e58

1 & 2 bedroom villas
WV ATO http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/67369763/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=40f4c01e
WV TED http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/67369808/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=030b8c29
$21,620/week – *10 night min.
WV BBE http://www.des08.com/t/30977171/498610353/67369833/0/18155/?2997ebdd=VGVzdCtvZitjb250ZW50JTNBK0hvbGlkYXlBdmFpbGFiaWxpdHlPY3QyMDE1&x=c4c50d5a
$7,000/week – *12 night min.

Eileen Louissaint, Altima Contributing Writer

My last trip to Mexico was for a wedding. I remember the jovial spirit of the wedding party as timeless festive songs echoed along the coastline while we flooded the dance floor. The colorful lights, skirts swaying and twirling with every song…You could feel the liveliness of the Mexican culture which has been passed down for centuries.

There are times when words cannot do justice to describe the most vibrant and touching moments. This is when we can thank the invention of photography and the photographers who capture and tell stories with their stills.

Christophe von Hohenberg, renowned portrait, documentary, and lifestyle photographer briefly describes the plot and inspiration for his upcoming exhibition, Shadows of the Gods….

“For the past eight years, I have been living among the shadows with the children of Montezuma and Cortez, exploring the neighborhoods,” says von Hohenberg. “From walking through romantic Calle Francisco Sosa in Coyoacan, to losing my balance on cobblestones in the picturesque Colonial neighborhood of San Angel.”

Shadows Of The Gods Book Cover

Splitting his time between Mexico City and New York City, von Hohenberg’s photographs have been featured in American Vogue, Art ForumVanity Fair, German Rolling StoneThe New York Times, Fortune, and French Vogue, as well as art galleries and private collections around the globe. He has published two acclaimed books Andy Warhol- The Day the Factory Died and Another Planet – New York Portaits – 1976 – 1996

Shadows of the Gods features photographs ranging from 2007 to the present, capturing the emergence of contemporary art and culture within Mexico City’s historical setting. A selection of the pieces featured in the exhibition will be taken from a section of the book which is devoted to Mexican Street Art.

Join von Hohenberg as he reveals his latest work at

Leonard Tourné Gallery
46 E 65th St, New York, NY 10065

Wednesday, November 4 through Saturday, November 14

Contact maribel@altimapalmbeach.com for more information.

Mexican Street ArtMexican Street Art

St. Barth Properties | Acerola Deck Dining

St. Barth Properties | Acerola Deck Dining

If you have been following Altima for a while, it is no secret that one of our absolute favorite destinations is St. Barts. The day we stop raving about it means we have finally dropped everything and moved there…

The island is known as the getaway for those “in the know” and comes with a high price tag, but it is the simplicity of the island that people fall in love with. Never underestimate the soothing power of pristine waters, picturesque cliffs and a bottle (or 5) of rosé. The French-speaking locals, sexy nightlife, and boho-chic shopping scene are just a bonus to the entire experience.

St. Barth Properties of Sotheby’s International Realty would like to introduce you to one of their most desirable listings – Villa ACEROLA on Camaruche. The romance of starting the morning off with an espresso and French pastries with no plans for the day other than lounging on the sprawling deck overlooking the panoramic ocean views begins the minute after you step off the plane.

The private 2-bedroom villa [now available from December 15, 2015- January 7, 2016] sits hillside featuring a contemporary living room, infinity swimming pool overlooking the picturesque landscape, outdoor fitness area, and inviting kitchen with a large island. The spot is perfect for entertaining family, friends and perhaps newer friends you have met during lunch at La plage (Tom Beach) or picnicking at Colombier.

To book your perfect villa or hotel, contact Mai directly and make sure you mention Altima Palm Beach for Special Perks! mai_sharona@yahoo.com or

call (590) 690 643 572


By Eileen Louissaint, Altima Contributing Writer

Like me, you may have had to settle for the living room plasma screen when Novak Djokovic went head-to-head with the legendary Roger Federer, or the emotional defeat of Serena Williams by Roberta Vinci at the 2015 US Open hosted in New York. Lucky for us, global business mogul and visionary Sir Richard Branson is bringing the thrill of tennis down south at the 2015 Necker Cup Pro-Am and Legends Tennis Camp on Necker Island from November 28, 2015 through December 3, 2015.


The Necker Cup is acclaimed as the “most fun and exclusive” Pro Am Tennis Event IN THE WORLD. Naturally, the event will be hosted in true Branson style. The all-inclusive six-day/five-night experience will include sixteen ATP/WTA Tour Players and legends who will be paired up with sixteen amateur teams of all levels. Imagine going back and forth on the courts with tennis greats Boris Becker, Brad Gilbert, Martina Navratilova, Marion Bartoli, Tracy Austin, Viktor Troicki, Donald Young, David Nalbandian, Chris Evert & Johan Kriek!

I know, this is an overdose of tennis frenzy and you may need some time to relax. There is still plenty for you to do at Necker Island like paddle boarding, sail boat races, kite boarding, wake boarding, snorkeling, massage therapy, parties, and more! A-list celebs including Sean Paul, Jewel, Charlotte McKinney & Chevy Chase will all be joining the festivities too!

The unique experience organized by Premier Tennis is all about FUN and has raised over $2 million for their chosen beneficiaries.

Choose between 3 exclusive packages and allow Altima to help you set up the trip of a lifetime! Contact us at 561-833-8283 or email maribel@altimapalmbeach.com

Necker Cup Pro-Am Package
Play in the Most Exclusive Pro-Am in the World
Location: Sir Richard Branson’s private, Necker Island, BVI
Package Price: $110,000 for two (2) people, all inclusive (air not included)
Highlights: Team entry for up to two players into the Necker Cup Main Draw that will include Sir Richard Branson and 15 ATP / WTA Tennis Legends; Courtside seats to the Necker Cup Pro Charity Tennis Exhibition; and entry into the Charity Dinner, Auction & “End of the World” Party in the newly rebuilt, Great House

Platinum Packages
Play in the Legends Camp & Enjoy the Necker Cup
Package Price: $40,000 for two people and $25,000 for one person (Limited to 10 guests)

Legends Tennis Camp Package
Led by Murphy Jensen, Wayne Bryan
Location:  Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort, Virgin Gorda, BVI and Necker Island.
Package Price: Starting at $13,000 for two (2) people and $7,645 for one (1) person, all inclusive



By Eileen Louissaint, Altima Contributing Writer

I’m still trying to understand how this works.. According to a recent article I came across, Christie’s International Real Estate and its partner Dutch Docklands have taken ‘Private Island Living‘ to the next level.  According to Forbes Magazine,  “Amillarah Private Islands has created unique tailor-made floating residences designed by famed Dutch architect Koen Olthius.”  Not only will these islands be self-sustainable, eco-friendly and free from environmental impact, but you can take it wherever you want to create your own private paradise…  Customize your island and take it to… Miami? Maldives? Dubai? New York?

Even if I could afford it, not sure it would be my cup of tea…I prefer the ‘real thing’,  but no question this ‘over the top experience’ may be just the thing for some who have experienced just about everything…. Click here to read the article

We’re thrilled to offer our Elite subscribers the opportunity to become InList VIP members and have access to the hottest and most exclusive events in 45 cities and jet-set destinations around the world. InList’s cutting-edge technology also includes an in-app concierge with complete, live service only a tap away.

Co-founded by nightlife mogul/developer/philanthropist Michael Capponi and software engineer Gideon Kimbrell, this mobile app’s latest features include “I’m on my way” and “I’m in” buttons, which notify both the venue and personal concierge of the customer’s arrival to ensure seamless assistance until the member is “in”.  So whether it’s Fashion Week in Paris, a movie premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, or a reservation at a local restaurant, InList has your hassle-free access to these highly curated events around the world

See what Fox News 5 says and understand what VIP Access means at www.inlist.com.

 To receive Exclusive VIP Membership, download the app, sign up, and request VIP with our code: AltimaPB



Famous for its winter season, Gstaad has been a destination for the who’s who– celebrities, Royals and jet-setters from across the globe since the early 1900’s — some who enjoy the skiing and but most who relish the après-ski scene-   So its only natural that Gstaad would host the Hublot Polo Cup Gstaad, as it is the ‘Sport of Kings’.

The Gstaad Polo Club is celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary, from August 13th to August 16th. In addition to Hublot, sponsors include Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza, E. I. Sturdza Investment Funds, McLaren Geneva, Gstaad Palace, Vicomte A., Perrier Jouët champagne and Dunhill to name but a few.

Polo aficionados who appreciate the finest music has to offer, will have the opportunity to enjoy the Menuhin Festival which began July 16th and continues through September 5th.  Even on top of the summits of our mountains, you can hear the gentle sound of the music…





Win your way in to the most exclusive and fun golf pro-am in the world — The Necker Open, by participating at the Sea Island Qualifier Tournament August 25- August 28th.  Golfers of all levels will have the opportunity to earn a spot into the exclusive Necker Open Pro Am. Altima has special pricing for up to two players! (Scroll down)

Play with PGA Tour legends including Greg Norman “The Shark’, and if you qualify, you are flown directly to Necker Island, where Sir Richard Branson will  host you during  3 nights. (August 27th to September 1st)  While there you can enjoy all island activities including paddle boarding, kite boarding, sailing, snorkeling, tennis, and the ‘Necker 9″ with Sir Richard Branson, which includes a par three hole-in-one $1,000,000 prize and other fun golf challenges.

Or don’t risk losing and guarantee your spot at The Necker Open. There are only 4 spots left,  and Altima Elite Club members are exclusively invited to save 15%.  (offer is limited and based on first come, first serve).



Sea Island Qualifying Tournament

Standard 2 player package is $9750;  Altima Preferred price:$7313

All-inclusive 1 player package starts at $5,950, Altima preferred price: $4,463

Necker Island Pro-Am

Price per person is $40,000; Altima preferred price: 34,000

(Includes Sea Island experience, transportation to Necker Island and everything the Necker pro-Am, Necker Island and Sir Richard Branson have to offer….


Click below to view PDF of both the Sea Island Qualifier Tournament and The Necker Island Pro-Am Participant package

 Necker Open – Sea Island Qualifier Tournament                       

 2015 Necker Open – Pro-Am Participant