Brandy’s Picks: So Booked up
A Gathering of Bold and Brainy Women Discussing Must Read Books

By Brandy Guthrie

So Booked Up Book Club

Question. Have you reviewed your weekly screentime report lately? I have. I’m concerned. Don’t mistake this concern for shallow nostalgia involving a harmonious pre-iPhone world that never was. It is a question of how. How do I manage to accumulate so much time staring at a screen while lamenting the lack of hours in a day? Something tells me I’m not alone. In fact, you are likely reading this on a glowing, handheld screen of your own. 

Is Brandy planning to smash her phone and relocate to a proverbial cabin in the woods?” Of course not! I cannot imagine a life without the world at my literal fingertips. That said, since we are in this together we should be working to create spaces which remove ourselves from the algorithmically determined, fear of missing out, clickbait dominated ecosystem every now and then. 

This can be accomplished in many ways. Some folks meditate. Others go on digital detox retreats. A few close friends and I have devised a remedy of our own–a good ol’ fashion book club! Like any book club worth following (I’m looking at you Oprah, Reese, and Emma), So Booked Up is committed to mobilizing a community around the timelessness of a great read. Not only is it an excuse to unplug and be social without the media, it’s also an avenue for raising funds for local charities and organizations making a difference. Urban Youth Impact, Autism Speaks, Big Dog Ranch Rescue, and the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County are a few causes the club has supported to date.

It is a simple concept. The brainy and bold meet on the last Thursday of every month to discuss our latest reading selection. After a lively literary chat over apps and cocktails, we cap the night off at the Meat Market on Palm Beach. All participants are then given a number which is selected at random to determine who selects the next book of the month. Up next is Madness Under the Royal Palms, an acclaimed bestselling novel from American author Laurence Leamer. We aim to make this a welcoming, inclusive environment where everyone has a voice in the process. Well, almost everyone. The best part of So Booked Up? Membership is open exclusively to women and free. No guys allowed! Hey Siri, sorry not so sorry.