Altima Caviar’s New Addition

By: Gabriella Fasciani

Altima Caviar was on a hot, West Coast pursuit these last few weeks, vetting some of California’s top farms. (We know, it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it!) After many tastings and meetings, we are thrilled to share that the transmontanus caviar, also called white sturgeon caviar, will be added to our Altima selections. This large, Pacific sturgeon is known to produce medium-sized eggs with a buttery, nutty flavor and with a deep taupe to an inky-gray hue. And it’s Altima’s first US-farmed offering.

“In my quest to bring the top caviar farms from across the globe, I’m excited to have found an American product that brings the same uncompromising standards, quality and taste that is tantamount to our brand,” says Maribel Alvarez, Altima Caviar’s founder. “I hope you will all agree that this is another delicious addition.”

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If you’re interested in hearing more about the White Sturgeon caviar, please contact me at I would love to further discuss the new addition to the Altima Caviar collection!