Introducing, Altima Caviar

Altima CEO and caviar aficionado, Maribel Alvarez, sources the world’s most exclusive and sustainable farms to bring Altima Caviar to Palm Beach and Beyond- available at COD & CAPERS SEAFOOD 

With over 12 years of representing some of the most exquisite caviar brands, Maribel Alvarez, Founder & President of Altima Palm Beach, has launched her own label. And she’s brought on board Graham Gaspard, former President of Black River Caviar, to serve as the brand’s senior consultant.

Combining her passion for fine caviar and Graham’s 20+ years of experience and knowledge, the duo vets selections of high quality Sevruga, Oscietra and Beluga hybrid grades for restaurants and retail clients both locally and nationwide. Named Altima Caviar, the brand celebrates its debut with two fabulous grades of Russian Oscietra, farmed in the Galilee region of Israel. It is available on order to our readers and friends; and available at Cod & Capers Seafood in North Palm Beach.

Altima Caviar ‘Anagami’
Amber Russian Oscietra, originating from Israel
Varies from golden olive to light brown and consists of medium-large beads with a deliciously nutty rich flavor

“Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various sturgeon farms all over the world,” says Maribel. “Though these farms all originated with Russian sturgeon, the nuances in the egg sizes, color, flavor and texture vary. Most of our caviar lovers have specific preferences. Some look to egg size egg, others the color, and for some, the nuttiness, creaminess or saltiness is the defining factor.”

Altima Caviar’s commitment to quality and sustainability is paramount, and Graham Gaspard is one of the pioneers in sustainable sturgeon farming. “Graham’s knowledge and devotion to sustainability and quality made him the perfect partner on our journey to source the finest caviar,” says Maribel.

“With Altima Caviar, we bring to market a product that people love and adore,” says Graham. “Since I first started in this business, I’ve always worked with select producers who use best practices, prioritize animal welfare and are transparent about their feed sources. Our clients care about where their food comes from, especially when purchasing a luxury product. I’m proud of our debut and look forward to expanding in the near future.”

Thusfar, Altima has chosen to make Cod & Capers their first retailer, as it’s the place where restauranteurs and discerning gourmands shop for their seafood delicacies. “I’ve always loved shopping at Cod & Capers because they offer the freshest and best seafood,” says Maribel. “Furthermore, their ethics align with the Altima brand.”

Steve Gyland, owner of Cod & Capers concurs. “As Jacques Cousteau so beautifully put it, ‘with Earth’s burgeoning human population to feed, we must turn to the sea with new understanding and new technology… we must farm it as we farm the land.”

Altima Caviar is also served in some of the finest restaurants in the country, including Bice Ristorante on Palm Beach.