Adelson Cavalier presents

Jamie Wyeth

May 1- May 31, 2019

Jamie Wyeth

Jamie Wyeth
An Official Portrait of Archie Warhola, 2018
Acrylic, oil, and enamel on Clayboard panel
36h x 30w in

Adelson Cavalier Galleries is pleased to present Jamie Wyeth “Animal Friends’

Adelson Cavalier Galleries will be presenting a selection of nine Jamie Wyeth paintings on canvas and works on paper in their Salon gallery. The subjects of these paintings are pets or animals Jamie observed on his farm in Delaware or on Monhegan Island, Maine. Each subject is full of character and personifies human excitement, intrigue, and a range of other emotions.

We have included Jamie Wyeth’s newest painting in this exhibition, “An Official Portrait of Archie Wahola,” which depicts Andy Warhol and his beloved dachshund, Archie. In this work, Archie is the primary focus of the composition rather than his more famous owner.  Jamie had been friends with Warhol, and even painted him several times in the 1970s. In 1976, Warhol and Wyeth had an exhibition together titled, “Portraits of Each Other.” Interestingly, Jamie has decided to paint Warhol again in 2019; however, this time, Andy is in the background and Archie takes the stage. Among many other qualities, Jamie admired Warhol’s love of animals – understanding that animals, unlike people, are never dishonest. Having been in the spotlight and treated as a celebrity most of his life, Jamie cherishes moments when he can retreat and be with his animal friends.

Adam Adelson
Director, Adelson Cavalier Galleries

Jamie Wyeth
Banana Split, 2016
Watercolor and gesso on handwoven paper
28h x 22w in

Jamie Wyeth

Jamie Wyeth
That Dog’s House, 2008
CM on toned paperboard
32h x 40w in

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