That Cool Me Down When Temps Are Up

By: Alexis Posada TeStrake

Cool down when summer temps are up

Summer Soup, VinGlacé, and Climate Control (in bed)

It is hot, it is humid, and we’ve yet to reach the height of Florida’s summer heat situation.

I prefer feeling ‘too cold’ versus not cool enough. Incidentally, Florida, with its high temps and heat-enhancing humidity, is home.

Accept the things you cannot change,” they say. But I am undeniably more of a “where there is a will, there is a way” kind of girl.

I recognize that I cannot alter the world’s weather patterns to suit my favors, but I refuse to lie in discomfort (and drenched in sweat). Instead, I seek out little luxuries to take control over my “not-so-cool” conundrum.


Not since my last visit to Palma de Mallorca have I experienced a meal that refreshes and revitalizes like the silky smooth gazpacho served at my favorite dining destination, Le Bilboquet Palm Beach. For those of you summering in the Hamptons, I have received firsthand confirmation from Chef Adabis Castro that Bilboquet Sag Harbor has the same spectacular soup on its menu. You can access the complete list of Bilboquet locations here. If you find yourself within reach of any of their locales this summer, do yourself a favor, and make Bilboquet a part of your epicurean experience. You will not regret it.

Reservations highly encouraged.  Click here for Reservations in Sag Harbor,  here for New York and  here for Palm Beach

Cool down when summer temps are up


Summer brings a laid-back vibe that encourages all the things that spark joy: Al fresco afternoons by the pool lounging, laughing, eating, drinking…

My VinGlacé wine and champagne bottle chiller spectacularly supports these endeavors by keeping my  warm-weather wine (rosé all day) chilled without refill disruptions or the inevitable diluting effect of melted ice cubes. Yes, please!

Order your VinGlacé here.

Cool down when summer temps are up


To be a hot sleeper is to spend night hours tossing and turning in search of a sweet spot you are not going to find, and then waking up wondering if you just broke a fever you never knew you had. Nothing helps. Not bedding made from the most breathable bamboo  in the highest thread counts available, nor the near-negative numbers displayed on the thermostat screen, nor the so-called “cooling” mattresses and pillows flooding the commercial podcast space these days.
Enter BedJet, a climate comfort sleep system best described as a standing AC unit…for your bed, as in, under your sheets. Mainers may have electric blankets, Palm Beachers need BedJet.

Find out more here.

Cool down when summer temps are up
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