Sponsor A Child:  An Easy Task for Us,
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A Couple of Dollars a Day, result in a Wealth of Promise….

The Thrill of Sponsoring Christelle Jolicoeur

As we approach the Holidays during these uncertain times, I continue to appreciate my fortune:  Healthy family, a place I call home,  and a job to keep paying my bills.  So when I learned about Michael Capponi’s continuing efforts to mentor and support young victims of the disastrous 2010 earthquake in Haiti through Global Empowerment Mission’s Sponsor a Child program, I jumped on the opportunity to do my part and sponsor Christelle Jolicoeur.   I am so thrilled to have met this bright, hardworking young lady, who thanks to Global Empowerment Mission,  has completed her high school education and is now entering college at Université Quisqueya. Christelle will be working towards her double major, international relations and communications.

Sponsor a Child Program

For the last decade, GEM has supported these students. In 2010, they were found living in tarps in a tent city. They were once completely illiterate and without any hopes for a better life. GEM has placed them in private schools, housed them, educated them on life, wellness and supported their dreams.  As part of GEM’s long-term sustainable response, in coordination with the Government of Haiti and public / private partners, GEM is proud to make available the SPONSOR A CHILD IN HAITI initiative. The Mission’s goal is to create a self-sufficient and thriving community by providing:

  • Permanent and durable housing and infrastructure
  • Annual school tuitions
  • Laptop computer
  • School supplies, backpack, uniforms
  • Economic and educational programs
  • Empowerment and livelihood programs
  • Medical Care
  • Food allocations

Global Empowerment Mission

How You Can Help

Once your donation is processed, you will be contacted by GEM representative within 1-10 business days. You will receive a photo and details about your child, along with how to encourage them further through letters and yearly gifts. We also have an ability to set up What’s App supervised chats with high school and college students.  Your child will be changed knowing that someone else cares about their life! You will receive periodic updates on your child as new updates are received from Haiti.

$60 a month, or an annual donation of $700, sponsors tuition, school uniform and daily lunch for one child to attend grade school.

$170 a month, or an annual donation of $2,000, sponsors 1 year of college for child.

GEM is currently seeking sponsorships for 30 grade school and 5 college age students.

Below are just a few of the children in need of sponsorship.  For more information visit

“These children are a big part of our lives today, we have seen them grow up to be good honest souls that have such big aspirations. Now that many are entering college or approaching that time soon, we have listened to their dreams. Many want to become doctors, lawyers, engineers and even senators. We created this program so we can help them achieve their goals. We can’t do this without your support,” says Michael Capponi, Founder of Global Empowerment Mission.  

Empowerment and Wellness

To truly appreciate the efforts and the changes made by Global Empowerment Mission in the lives of these children, I invite you to view this short video below, and experience the ’empowering and wellness’ journey Michael Capponi and his team have made possible for these children to embark on.  Please help us make their dreams and aspirations become a reality.

About Global Empowerment Mission

The organization’s journey began with grassroots community engagement as its founder, Michael Capponi, and board members have been involved in supporting some of the most significant global tragedies. For two decades, the team has assisted in over 284 missions around the world since the 1999 Kosovo Crisis, the earthquake in Haiti in 2010 to the current 2019 pandemic.

Following the completion of immediate response, and recognizing the continued need for support, GEM began to bridge the gap between first response and sustainable development.  With the objective of minimizing the duration of time communities are stuck in the gap, and aiming to complete the cycle of disaster response, GEM instituted its sustainable development programming by building and rebuilding homes, schools and communities while establishing livelihood initiatives. GEM has been able to reduce what was an initial three year sustainability cycle in Haiti to a refined approach that resulted in a one year sustainability cycle in the Bahamas.

To date, GEM has supported missions in 22 countries, all 50 US states, and territories including the Caribbean. The organizations complete 360 degree response results in having a long-lasting institutional impact.

Today, Global Empowerment Mission  is a Platinum Rated charity by Guidestar, placing them in the top 1% of Guidstar charities.

For more information on their financials and budgets please visit and also see their annual report.

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