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By Brandy Guthrie

Alvin Valley

Photo by Jason Leavy

‘King of Pants’ Presents SS21 Collection

As the spectacle that is 2020 continues to outdo itself, at least one thing remains certain – the demand for fashion. In these uncertain times, we have pivoted every area of our lives and our wardrobe is no exception. This transformational time has inspired us to reinvent ourselves and changing up our outfits is a perfect place to start. I cannot be the only one dying to get dolled up. It feels like I lived in loungewear since the Oscars!


Alvin Valley, coined as the ‘King of Pants’, by Eric Wilson of the New York Times,  is going against the grain of the fashion industry in every way. When thousands of brick-and-mortar stores have closed these past few years as retail has gone digital, Valley opens multiple stores – one in Southampton this summer and now one in Palm Beach. As other brands cater to the casual COVID lifestyle, the ‘King of Pants’  embraces the glamour and art of dressing up, because he knows that regardless of the occasion, women dressing up is what allows them to embrace their femininity, which is especially hard to do in baggy sweatpants. 

Click on images below to get a peek at SS21 Collection showcased at Fashion Presentation in Southampton


Runway Selects by Jason Leavy

Alvin Valley,  Southampton to Palm Beach

From opening his Southampton store with booming sales this summer to debuting his SS 21 collection during a socially distanced fashion presentation amidst this year’s craziness, Valley has proven that people are ready and willing to get back to normal, even if they have to make some adjustments. His first fashion presentation in 10 years took place at a Norman Jaffe private residence belonging to Janna Bullock on October 17.  The beautiful home set between ocean and bay, offered a 600-foot private path to the beach which served as runway.  Alvin Valley partnered with Fog City Girls to sanitize the venue prior with an organic, dry fogging disinfection.  New York’s best dressed who know and love Alvin in attendance included Janna Bullock, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Bettina Zilkha, Jean Shafiroff, Anastasia Lenglet, Katrina Pavlos, Enrico Pellegrini, Libbie Mugrabi and Zoe Bullock.

Always Flattering, Signature Tailoring adds Romantic Twist to Collection

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Runway Selects by Jason Leavy

The future of fashion is bright, according to Valley. His creativity is through the roof and COVID has allowed him to embrace more fun, free-flowing designs while staying true to his roots of tailored fits, especially his famous flattering pants. Valley’s introduction of handbags and jewelry into his SS21 collection received amazing feedback. The collection features romantic ruffles and lace detailing, charming floral prints, one-shoulder designs with dramatic sleeves and exotic animal prints. 

Alvin Valley has uniquely connected to his customers unlike ever before by going back to the basics of embracing the in-person shopping experience in a time when it’s not the norm, and providing personalized service including custom fits and tailoring to perfection. It is very rare to get this kind of one-on-one experience, especially now, which is another reason why women are gravitating towards Valley’s highly sought after brand.  He believes that this time has forced brands to reassess their designs, business structure and overall approach.

Complete Fashion Presentation Video below (15 minutes)

Alvin Valley

Alvin Valley

Getting out of our comfort zone is the best place for growth, and the fashion industry as a whole will be stronger and creative in ways it has never dreamed of before. Being the ultimate optimist, Alvin Valley is excited for what the future has in store for him and Palm Beachers alike!  Why would anyone open a store during a worldwide pandemic? Alvin has been in the business for over 20 years and knows his customers want to feel beautiful and crave a sense of normalcy now more than ever. 

“I discovered Alvin Valley pants 20 years ago, and ten years later, after owning more than 25 pair of his signature hip huggers and classic slacks, I met Alvin!  I felt like I had met my ‘king’.  I don’t need to chase him around anymore.. He’ll be at my fingertips!  So excited to welcome Alvin to Palm Beach!” says Maribel Alvarez.

Alvin Valley and Maribel Alvarez

Maribel and Alvin

Stay tuned for Alvin’s opening on Worth Avenue this month!

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