The novel CoronaVirus that has taken this world by storm in recent months is having drastic effects on people’s lives around the globe. The United States cases are increasing on a daily rate and with the uncertainty of what is to come people are unsure of how they will be able to keep aspects of their lives functioning. At Altima Public Relations we wanted to highlight some things we can all do to help our community during these hard times.

Help Kids Get Meals During School Closures – 

With schools closed around all of South Florida, many parents who rely on school meals to feed their children will be left struggling to provide for their kids during this time. If you are wondering how you can help people who are suffering from the Impacts of CoronaVirus in the community one way to help is by volunteering or donating to Feeding South Florida. Feeding South Florida is an organization with a commitment to provide food and services to all who need it.

You can find out more about Feeding South Florida here:

Help those who can’t help themselves-

Another simple way to help the community is to help those who are at greater risk get the supplies they need. Many people who fit the qualifications of the “risk group” are scared to go out in public to get their basic necessities such as food and cleaning supplies. If you are a young and healthy individual you can do your part by helping those in need get their groceries and delivering it to them. You can reach out to neighbors and friends and do this on your own or you can volunteer for organizations like Invisible Hands who are helping mobilize volunteers to help with the delivery of basic necessities to those in need.

You can find out more about invisible hands here:

Donate Blood and Save Lives-

According to the American Association of Blood Banks Over 4,000 blood drives have been canceled in the U.S. because of the coronavirus, resulting in a loss of 130,000 donations. Because of the CDC’s recommendation of practicing social distancing events such as fundraisers have been canceled leaving many charities without resources. The American Red Cross is urgently asking that those who are healthy make an appointment to donate blood since there is a shortage in many hospitals.

You can find out more about American Red Cross Blood Donations here:

Help The Local Hospitality Industry-

Due to mandated lockdowns many industries are suffering severely from this lack of business, this not only impacts employees of these brick and mortar small businesses but also the business as a whole. You can help your favorite local restaurant, bar, salon, or any small business during these times by purchasing gift cards and or ordering to go. It is important to not forget about your local business because they will need our help to survive this crisis as well.