Jim Rennert:  A  Colossal Presence comes to Palm Beach

Having graced the streets of New York, Naples and Los Angeles, Jim Rennert’s epic sculptures will have a formidable presence in Palm Beach County this season:  Ann Norton Sculpture Garden, The Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary and at Adelson Cavalier Galleries on Worth Avenue.  Rennert has become known for his unique portrayal of the “everyman,” with his figures illustrating the struggles, emotions, and determination that the modern person faces every day. His works contend with the obstacles and endeavors of daily life by injecting humor and irony into his figures’ striking and relatable poses.

With These Hands, featuring fourteen iconic sculptures, opens January 9th at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens in West Palm Beach. The exhibition includes 5 monumental pieces, including ‘Think Big,’ Rennert’s first monumental public installation in New York which has since become his most iconic figure.  The exhibition will run throughout the Palm Beach season, ending May 31st. For more information, visit Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens or call (561) 832-5328.

Entrepreneur II,

Entrepreneur is about climbing the symbolic corporate ladder and then taking a leap of faith to go out on your own. Building yourself from the ground up and then becoming your own boss. What started out as the American dream and has since evolved into the dream of every entrepreneur the world over.

One of Rennert’s latest works, this piece will be prominently displayed on the sidewalk of the Palm Beach County Convention Center during the 2020 Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary, welcoming guests during the 4-day prestigious fair, January 9-12.

Jim Rennert will also be exhibiting at Adelson Cavalier Galleries, located at 318 Worth Avenue from January 3- 24, 2020  For more information, please visit Adelson Cavalier or call (561) 720-2079.

About Adelson Cavalier

Seeking to expand their presence, two top gallerists, Adam Adelson of Adelson Galleries in New York, and Ron Cavalier of Cavalier Galleries with locations in Greenwich, Nantucket and New York, partnered to open Adelson Cavalier Galleries in Palm Beach, FL in November, 2018.  Each partner brings a wealth of experience from the art world that informs the vision for their new gallery.  Adam Adelson and his siblings, who also work in industry, grew up at the gallery their father, Warren Adelson, founded in 1964. For more than 50 years, Adelson Galleries in Midtown Manhattan has been a mainstay for 19th and 20th century Fine Art.

The new venue is a bi-level space that occupies 3,400 square feet and is tailormade for the changing exhibitions that will be curated primarily by Adelson.  The exhibits will highlight emerging and established Contemporary artists, as well as historically significant artworks by 19th and 20th Century masters.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Upcoming Exhibits:

December 22-31, 2019 Maarten Platje
January 3-24, 2020- Jim Rennert
February 1-16, 2020   American Pictures
February 9-29, 2020 Safarani Sisters
March 1-15, 2020  Modernism
March 18-April 5, 2020 Contemporary Painters