Ballet Florida

Ballet Florida presents ‘Reawakening’ on March 24th

For those who revered Ballet Florida as a vibrant player in the local arts scene since it was founded by Marie Hale in 1985 and mourned its closing in 2009 after 23 seasons of well received performances in West Palm Beach as well as New York and Europe – there is great news!  Ballet Florida is back!

Lauren Carey, 28, of West Palm Beach, an alumnus of both Ballet Florida and Dreyfoos School of the Arts, is the president and artistic director of the newly resurrected local dance company.  Joining her in the effort is Guy Palmer as creative director and her sister Lyndsey Carey, as director of outreach.

Ballet Florida’s mission is to create new work while performing a selection of timeless classics. By housing collaborative projects between dancers, choreographers, visual artists, musicians, composers, multi-media artists, designers and other art forms, we develop and showcase a versatile dance medium.

Dance as an art form is changing and evolving,” Carey continued.  “It is unrealistic to think that a company will survive merely by producing performances audiences have seen time and time again in the same venues.  Ballet Florida will complement the classics with new offerings designed to stretch the artistic boundaries of our company.”

Programs by Ballet Florida include full-length evenings performed in traditional theaters,contrasted by intimate non-traditional environments. “We hope to reach all generations and cultures through our dancing while opening the minds of those who have not yet had the opportunity to experience this spectacular art form,” Carey said.

The Ballet Florida company will perform a mixed program “Reawakening” on March 24 at 8 p.m. at The Kravis Center’s Persson Hall.   The program will feature home grown artists such as Kyra Jean Green, now of Montreal Canada, Guy Palmer a former Ballet Florida scholarship student under the direction of Marie Hale and now Ballet Florida’s Creative Director, Artistic Director Lauren Carey, and former Ballet Florida company member (under the direction of Marie Hale) Jerry Opdenaker, among other guest artists. Carey’s new work “Vessel” features a collaboration with local visual artist Charles Bane who has created an original creative set for the piece.  All of the dancers, choreographers and collaborating artists in this upcoming performance have a connection to South Florida.

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