Before Brigitte Bardot transformed this coastal town on the French Riviera into a glamorous 24/7 destination, it was a simple, unassuming fishing village. The weaving of past and present in St. Tropez culture make it a uniquely charming, and relaxing European getaway where Shopping is a favorite past-time.  The WIMCO team and its comprehensive Vendôme guide  allows you to experience St. Tropez as an ‘insider,’ making it all the more enjoyable.   The Vendôme Guide series is a collection of beautiful destination-specific guidebooks with detailed insider information, with photos of each villa they represent, and recommendations on what to do and see in each destination.  (I’ve included the St. Barth’s guide in gift bags at the most exclusive Palm Beach events)


For the elite jetsetter crowd, St. Tropez is a destination you can’t help visit again and again. Its sexy image is well-deserved — whether you are relaxing at a beach club, shopping in glamorous boutiques, or clinking glasses on a yacht.


St. Tropez’s Club 55

While St. Tropez is a 24/7 party, everyone knows there’s something a little magical that happens when the sun goes down. Once you find yourself partying into the early morning hours with celebrities like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Leonardo DiCaprio, you’ll wonder how nightlife in the U.S. is worthy of your time ever again.

What to Do in St. Tropez: Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

As you stroll along the cobblestone streets of St. Tropez, you will encounter some familiar favorites (bonjour, Louis Vuitton!) and many one-of-a-kind boutiques you may have never heard of. Stop in as many shops as you can, but these areas, shops, and storefronts should go to the top of your list:

The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle is not a store — it’s the nickname for a chic area of St. Tropez where visitors can find brands like Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Fendi. Within the triangle formed by Places des Lices, Rue Gambetta, and Rue Allard, the classic favorites are all there.


St. Tropez is the type of destination that you will want to return to year after year, especially in the summertime. There is a wonderful energy as the town gets busy and you will find there’s always something to do: whether you enjoy indulging in Tarte Tropéziennes, shopping until your sandal straps give way, or staying up to enjoy one of the most celebrated nightlife scenes in Europe.



Let your free spirit experience the free-spirited side of the sunny French Riviera.

We love St. Tropez, with its narrow alleyways and cobblestone streets fronted by designer boutiques, art galleries, fashionable bistros and cafes.  Summer is peak season in St. Tropez, which means if you are looking for the best nightlife options, now is the time to book your flights and make reservations in a private villa, or hotel.  Grab your friends, pack your most fashionable pieces, and prepare for the summer of your life in the French Riviera.  Contact WICO at 800-449-1553, and have their villa specialists plan the perfect trip for you.  or visit their website to browse villa and hotel options


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