Global and generational representation lives up to the motto “SCHOOL FOR LIFE”


Institut Le Rosey, internationally acclaimed boarding school recently hosted the Third Annual Rosey Alumni reunion at Bice, Palm Beach , Saturday April 25th.  Referred to as the ‘School of Kings and Leaders’ in a recent Town and Country article, the reunion brought together over 3 generations of alumni, living up to its motto ‘A School for Life’.
Alumni co-hosting the event were Palm Beach resident and Florida Representative for Le Rosey Maribel Alvarez and her son Robert Riva along with co-host and fellow alumni Hashem Khosrovani.
 “It’s so wonderful to see the multiple generations all part of the Rosey family mingling and sharing memories.  Attendees ranged in ages from 21 years of age to 91, and the beauty of it is that most of us offered our children the same experiences.  We even shared the same teachers!  The camaraderie transcends the ages…. That is the beauty of our alma mater,” says Hashem Khosrovani
In addition to mother and son Maribel and Robert,  also representing two generations of Rosey alumni were Palm Beach residents Aleco Keusseoglou and daughter Daphne and Bill Mann who attended Rosey in the late 1930’s, left due to the war, but offered his son Paul Mann the opportunity to fulfill the experience. Other locals and neighboring alumni residents included Jim and Tori Grey, Margarita Arias Allinson, Allison Reed, Bob Reynolds, Fernando and Karin Marques, Henrik and Louise Vanderlip, Didier and Louise Stickel, Grover Austin, Charles and Christopher Spalding, Charles and Kate Hudson, Jorge Otaola, Peter Bender and friends of Le Rosey Averell Harriman Fisk, Kimberly Swift, Pierre-Olivier Carles, Jim Pappas, Cristina Camerana.